About Us

Sutradhar means a narrator. India is a country of stories and storytellers. Traditionally our mythological stories have propagated through oral communication. With mobile phones taking over our day to day conversations that tradition is disappearing faster than we can Imagine. With Sutradhar our objective is to give these storytellers a platform to tell mythological stories from their local tradition and culture to a wide audience through mobile phones. The larger objective is to make Indian Mythology and Cultural Traditions mainstream once again by giving easy access to stories behind those traditions.

Sutradhar aims to become the largest user curated platform allowing millions of people to showcase their talent via audio and video modes.


How it works

We are looking for storytellers throughout India to create content in the format they like and share with audience. If you think you want to narrate any story, aarti, song or any local folk story please download Sutradhar app and start creating.

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If you have a story to tell create a profile on Sutradhar app

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Download the app on Google Play Store or Whatsapp us your story at +91 99539 50941

We will review it

Curation team will look into the quality of stories

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Content approved and published on Sutradhar app for listeners.