Sutradhar Diwali Gift Box | Divyastra Playing Cards | Vanarsena Story Cards| Mahabharata Character Cards

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Celebrate this Diwali with Stories. Celebrate the triumph of good over evil this Diwali with iconic stories from Indian mythology. Our festive gift set brings to life legendary characters from the Ramayana and Mahabharata through imaginative trading cards and games. The set includes stunningly illustrated Vanar Sena warrior cards highlighting Hanuman, Sugriva, and other heroes who aided Lord Rama. A matching deck of Mahabharata cards depicts the Pandavas, Krishna, Karna, and other central characters from the epic clash. These colourful card decks are perfect for interactive learning and storytelling.


👑 Divyastra Playing Cards (Collector’s Edition) - Playing card based on Divyastaras used in Ramayan and Mahabharat battles

👑 16 Vanar sena Cards

🪔 24 Ramayana Story Cards

🪔 56 Mahabharata Character Cards

🛕 Sutradhar App Subscription worth INR 299 with 600+ stories