Bal Kanda 10 - The Challenge of Parashurama

Bal Kanda 10 - The Challenge of Parashurama

Bal Kanda 10 - The Challenge of Parashurama

By Deepak MR 

Deepak M R is a professional writer and trainer. He has a rich work experience of more than 25 years in varies fields that include training, education, and consulting. 

He is author of the novel Abhimanyu - the warrior prince (Bloomsbury, 2021). He is also once of the contributing authors in the anthologies Unsung Valour and Aryaa and has written Kindle eBook Mahabharata Tales: Justice for Draupadi and other stories.

Parashurama challenged Rama to string his mighty bow that he had obtained from his father Jamadagni. King Dasharatha was scared and requested the great sage to spare his sons. Not caring for the king, Parashurama gave the Vaishnava bow and challenged Rama to string it. He said he would duel with Rama if he would string the bow.

Rama told Parashurama that he respected his valour and would accept his challenge. He grabbed the mighty sage’s bow, strung it, and fixed an arrow. Dasharatha’s son Rama then told Jamadagni’s son Parashurama that he could not take away his life since he was a Brahmana who deserved to be worshipped. Seeing this scene, the creator came there with other Gods.

Parashurama was stunned and told Rama that he realised he was none other than Vishnu and could not be defeated in a fight. He asked Rama to release the arrow from the Vaishnava bow. Rama then released the arrow, and it removed the darkness. The gods showered praises on Rama. Parashurama bowed to Rama and left for Mount Mahendra, his abode.

Rama then handed over the bow to Varuna. Taking the blessings of Vasishta and his father, he proceeded towards Ayodhya. The citizens of Ayodhya awaited their princes and their brides. The new brides were welcomed to the palace by their mothers-in-law Kausalya, Sumitra, and Kaikeyi.

Sita, the beautiful princess of Mithila was then united with the radiant Rama, who resembled the Lord of three worlds Vishnu. Sita’s qualities pleased Rama and he was devoted to her. She was also devoted to him. Together they resembled Vishnu and Lakshmi.

End of Bala Kanda