Bheeshma Parva 2 - Arjuna’s dilemma and Shrikrishna’s divine song

Bheeshma Parva 2 - Arjuna’s dilemma and Shrikrishna’s divine song

Bheeshma Parva 2 - Arjuna’s dilemma and Shrikrishna’s divine song

Krishna revealed to Arjuna that no can die as the soul is eternal. The soul leaves the body once its work is complete and takes on a new body, just as a person throws away old clothes and wears new ones. The soul has neither birth nor death and cannot be cut by weapons, burnt by fire, drowned by water, and is eternal.

Arjuna being a Kshatriya, should be happy to fight the war since war was his dharma. If you die, you will go to heaven;, if you win, the earth is yours. So fight and do your duty said Krishna. Don’t worry about the fruit of your action, do your duty and leave the results to me was Krishna’s advice.

Krishna told Arjuna that a person whose intellect was focused on Samadhi would attain yoga. When a person withdrew from his senses, he shunned desire and anger. This helped to establish control. One who gives up desire, has no longing, no ego, and no ownership and will become one with brahman.

Krishna then said that both he and Arjuna have been through many births. When dharma is on the decline and evil on the rise, then he would take birth in every yuga to protect the good, destroy evil, and uphold righteousness.

There is nothing as pure as knowledge. One who controlled his senses would achieve knowledge. When Arjuna asked whether he should give up action or practice yoga, Krishna explaining that both action and renunciation would lead to the liberation of the soul. Yogis give up attachment and perform actions through their bodies and minds.

Through practice and detachment, one can achieve yoga. The yogi is superior to those who perform penances and austerities. Krishna said he who was devoted to the Lord and immersed his self in the Lord was a true Yogi who will get liberation.

Krishna then told Arjuna that he was the radiance in the sun, the Om in the Vedas, the intellect in the intelligent, and energy in the energetic. He explained that Brahman was the supreme spirit. He advises Arjuna to carry out his action to attain Brahman.

Krishna then revealed he was Yama, he was Rama, he was Ananta, he was Arjuna, he was Vyasa, and he was the origin of every being. On Arjuna’s request, he revealed his Vishwaroopa or supreme form, with hundreds of heads that had the faces of all the sages and Gods. The infinite hands had weapons of all types in them.

Krishna then told Arjuna to achieve victory over the enemies and fight in the battle to kill them. He told him to give up attachment to the fruits of action. He who worships Krishna with unwavering devotion and a single-minded focus will achieve brahman because Krishna is brahman.

Krishna ended his discourse by asking Arjuna to seek refuge in him. Arjuna was then ready to fight, and Krishna took the chariot toward the Pandavas.

… to be continued