Book Review - Aryaa: An Anthology of Vedic Women

Book Review - Aryaa: An Anthology of Vedic Women

Book Review - Aryaa: An Anthology of Vedic Women

An Important book for everyone to read

Aryaa is an important work for the simple reason that it highlights the remarkable women from our ancient past. We are often made to believe that women in ancient times were oppressed and they had no agency and we end up believing these narratives. However when we read our ancient literature, we realize that it was never the case.

India had many remarkable women in the past who had complete control of their lives, most of them even steered the lives of men in their lives. This book is about 10 such women. Chitrangada, who decided to not accompany her husband and chose to stay back and rule the kingdom of her father. Damayanti, who when separated from her husband in the wild in a miserable state did not give in and instead made sure her husband is found and restored to his lost glory.

Shakuntala, who stood up in the open court and challenged the king of Hastinapur for her right. Subhadra, the woman who was the wife of Nara and the sister of Narayana, instead chose her own path for the betterment of her kingdom. Madhavi, who embarked on a divine mission and chose nature as her companion. Satyavati, the woman who made sure her husband's dynasty didn't end after the death of her husband and her sons. Ulupi, a widow who fell in love with the most desirable man of her times and proposed to him. Gargi and Maitreyi, two remarkable women associated with sage Yajnavalkya, who were great scholars themselves. Shandilyaduhita, who sought an impossible marriage and won heaven for herself and her husband through her devotion.

Everyone needs to know about these women and the remarkable lives lived by them.

We urge the Indica to come up with many more sequels of this remarkable work.

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