Drona Parva 4 - Arjuna’s quest for Jayadratha

Drona Parva 4 - Arjuna’s quest for Jayadratha

Drona Parva 4 - Arjuna’s quest for Jayadratha

Dhristadyumna then attacked Drona trying to break into the Vyuha. Satyaki defeated Dushasana while Kuntibhoja warded off Bahlika. Yudhishtira fought Shalya while Bheema took on Chitrasena, Vivimsati, and Vikarna. Dhristadyumna charged towards Drona with his sword, but it was cut off and Satyaki saved him. Then Satyaki smashed the bows of Drona one by one.

Arjuna was stopped by the brothers Vinda and Anuvinda, who enveloped Krishna and Arjuna with arrows. Arjuna killed both the rulers of Avanti by beheading them. The horses that raced along like light were tired. So, Arjuna used an arrow to bring water from the earth for the horses. As Krishna tended to the horses, Arjuna created a barrier to protect Krishna and the horses.

Standing before the barrier, he countered the Kauravas, killing hundreds of them. Having tended to the horses, Krishna was ready with the chariot and the two proceeded to their goal. Duryodhana who was giving chase, overtook Arjuna and challenged him.

Arjuna’s arrows failed to make any impact because of the armour given by Drona. Unable to hit Duryodhana, Arjuna targeted his chariot, destroying it and smashing all his weapons. Arjuna then proceeded towards Karna but blocked all the Kaurava warriors. A terrible fight then commenced with showers of arrows from both sides.

Meanwhile, Drona fought with Yudhishtira and when the eldest Pandava flung a powerful lance, he used the Brahmastra to neutralize it. Yudhishtira used his own Brahmastra to counter the weapon, but Drona destroyed his chariot. Sahadeva then came to Yudhishtira’s help.

Bheema had a terrible fight with the demon Alambusha, who used magic to fight. After being defeated by Bheema, Alambusha took on Ghatotkacha. In the blood curdling battle that took place, Ghatokacha killed Alambusha and smashed his body by throwing it on the ground.

During the battle, Krishna blew the Panchajanya and Arjuna twanged the Gandiva. Hearing this sound, Yudhishtira was scared that Arjuna was in trouble and sent Satyaki to help him. Satyaki charged into the Vyuha. He observed a space between the Bahlika army and Karna’s army. He then instructed his charioteer to enter the gap and move ahead fast.

Satyaki defeated Kritavarma and many other warriors before moving ahead to reach Arjuna. Charging through the Vyuha and slaughtering Kauravas by the hundreds, Satyaki blazed towards Arjuna. The valour displayed by Satyaki was unparalleled. He defeated all the great Kaurava warriors and seemed unconquerable.

Meanwhile, Drona kept fighting and killed the King of Chedi and the King of Magadha who were Pandava allies. Yudhishtira who was worried that he had sent Satyaki, sent Bheema behind him. Asking Dhristadyumna to protect Yudhishtira, Bheema charged into the Vyuha.

Drona blocked him, but Bheema flung his mighty mace and it destroyed Drona’s chariot. Dushasana attacked Bheema with his brothers but was defeated and Bheema killed eleven brothers of Duryodhana with his fiery arrows.

Bheema scythed through the Kaurava vyuha, slaughtering anyone who came in his way. He saw Satyaki and then Arjuna, and roared in delight. Arjuna roared back. Hearing the roars, Yudhishtira heaved a sigh of relief. Karna then attacked Bheema.

…. to be continued