Drona Parva 5 - Jayadratha Vadha

Drona Parva 5 - Jayadratha Vadha

Drona Parva 5 - Jayadratha Vadha

Both warriors hit each other repeatedly with arrows. Bheema killed Karna’s charioteer, forcing him to flee. Meanwhile, Yudhamanyu and Uttamaujas were searching for Arjuna. Seeing them, Duryodhana charged at them and smashed Yudhamanyu’s chariot. Yudhamanyu then climbed on to his brother’s chariot, killed Duryodhana’s horses, and broke his bow.

Karna once again attacked Bheema. This time Karna mocked Bheema, challenging him to defeat him. Both the warriors showered arrows at each other. Even though he was bleeding from his injuries, Bheema then destroyed Karna’s chariot. He got into another chariot and continued fighting. Bheema once again broke Karna’s bow after a fierce duel.

Seeing Karna in difficulty, Duryodhana sent his brother Durjaya to help him, but Bheema slew him ruthlessly. Bheema again destroyed Karna’s chariot making the Anga king look for another chariot. Duryodhana’s brother Durmukha then came there to support Karna but was killed by Bheema. Five more sons of Dhritarashtra charged at Bheema but were cut down. This was followed by the killing of eight more brothers of Duryodhana.

Seven more brothers of Duryodhana entered the battlefield but lost their lives. This included Vikarna and Chitrasena. The fight became more intense and Bheema kept cutting off the bows of Karna. Soon, Bheema’s chariot was destroyed, and he flung a sword that smashed Karna’s bow. When Bheema jumped in the air at Karna, the king of Anga hid in his chariot.

Bheema was without weapons and Karna picked up a bow and touched Bheema with the bow. He told him to go from the battlefield and not dare to take on him. Karna insulted him by calling him a glutton. Arjuna then angrily attacked Karna.

Meanwhile, Satyaki continued to fight with the Kauravas and had a fierce battle with Bhurishravas. Tired after his battles, Satyaki fell after being hit by Bhurishravas. When Bhurishravas dragged Satyaki by his hair to execute him, an angry Arjuna sent a sharp arrow that cut off Bhurishravas’ hand. Bhurishravas accused Arjuna of adharma and sat down on the battlefield to give up his life.

Satyaki then regained consciousness and cut off the head of Bhurishravas. When everyone accused him of adharma, he asked them why they kept quiet when Abhimanyu was killed through adharma.

The sun was moving towards the west and the day coming to a close. Krishna then took Arjuna towards Jayadratha. Duryodhana, Shalya, Vrishasena, Kripa, and Ashwatthama attacked Arjuna, but he repelled them all. When Karna attacked him, he killed his horses. Arjuna then attacked Jayadratha piercing him with arrows.

The sun was about to descend, and Krishna reminded Arjuna of his vow. Arjuna then fixed a sharp arrow and released it. The arrow ripped through the air and severed Jayadratha’s head. Jayadratha had a boon from his father, Vridhakshatra that whoever causes his head to fall on the ground would die. As per Krishna’s instructions, Arjuna sent the arrow towards the Samantapanchaka area.

Vriddhakshtra was performing his evening rituals and his son’s head fell on his lap. He got up in shock seeing Jayadratha’s head and it fell to the ground. The King Vriddhakshatra then fell dead since he had caused his son’s head to fall on the ground.

…. to be continued