Jealousy - A Lesson from Mahabharat

Jealousy - A Lesson from Mahabharat

Jealousy - A Lesson from Mahabharat

When you are jealous of someone your entire thought process is centered around the object of your jealousy.

Let us narrate to you an incident from Mahabharat.

Once Durvasa rishi visited Hastinapur along with his many disciples. Duryodhan took really good care of them. Happy with Duryodhan's reception the rishi asked Duryodhan to ask for a boon.

Now things get really interesting here.

Duryodhan consulted his best friend Karna. Both of them were filled with their jealousy towards Pandava all their lives so even at this point instead of asking for something for himself, Duryodhan asked rishi Durvasa to visit Pandava living in exile.

The logic they used - since Pandava were living in exile they would not have the necessary resources to welcome such a large entourage of rishi Durvasa. Durvasa rishi who was famous for his anger will not appreciate the reception and end up cursing Pandava.

This is followed by the famous akshaya patra episode when Shrikrishna comes to the rescue and ends up filling the stomach of everyone in Durvasa's entourage with his divine leela.

The moral here is. Duryodhan could have asked for anything but driven by his jealousy even in this moment he was thinking about Pandavas and ended up losing a great potential advantage.

This is what jealousy does to us.

Never act out of jealousy.

Be wise.