Kishkinda Kanda 2 - Shriram kills Vali

Kishkinda Kanda 2 - Shriram kills Vali

Kishkinda Kanda 2 - Shriram kills Vali

Sugriva was terribly distressed and asked why Rama did not help him by killing Vali. Rama told him how the two looked identical. He then asked Sugriva to wear a gajapushphi creeper around his head and then go and challenge Vali again. Rama would then be able to identify Sugriva easily.

Sugriva, who was the son of Surya once again challenged his brother Vali, the son of Indra. Vali was furious and ready to attack Sugriva again. His wife Tara stopped him and told him that she suspected that Sugriva was challenging him because he had support from someone. She told him that Rama could be supporting Sugriva and it would be futile to fight with Sugriva, who had Rama’s support.

Tara asked Vali to make peace with Sugriva and make him the heir to the throne. Vali refused to listen to his wife and went to attack Sugriva. As the two brothers fought, Rama fixed an arrow and struck Vali on his chest. Vali collapsed on the ground and lay dying. Rama then went to meet him.

Vali asked Rama why he attacked him by deceit even though he was a follower of dharma. He told Rama that he would have killed him had he fought him face to face. He told him that if he had not killed him, he would have bound Ravana and brought him to Rama.

Rama then pointed out how Vali had committed adharma by seizing his brother’s wife and having an illicit relationship with her. Vali had committed a great sin because of lust. This is why Rama had punished him since it was written in the sacred texts that death is the punishment for someone who has illicit relations with a sister or brother’s wife.

Vali then folded his hands and pleaded with Rama to treat his son Angada just as he treats Sugriva and Lakshmana. He requested Rama to ensure Sugriva did not punish his wife Tara. Vali then requested Rama to pardon his sin and lost consciousness. Vali’s wife Tara arrived there with her son Angada and wept piteously.

Hanuman then consoled the weeping Tara. Regaining his senses, Vali spoke to Sugriva and told him he was handing over the kingdom to him. He asked Sugriva to take care of his son Angada. Vali then asked Angada to serve Sugriva. With these words, Vali died even as Tara wept copiously.

On Rama’s advice, Angada and Sugriva carried out Vali’s last rites. Hanuman then requested Rama to enter Kishikinda and coronate Sugriva. Rama refused, saying as per his oath he would not enter any city until the end of 14 years of exile. He asked Sugriva to ascend the throne and make Angada his heir. Rama and Lakshmana decided to stay in Mount Prasravana.

Rama decided that he would wait for four months during the rainy season. When the month of Kartika arrived, it would be time to attack and destroy Ravana for daring to abduct Sita. The two brothers spent the four months of monsoon waiting for news about Ravana.

Meanwhile, Sugriva was overcome with desire and spent time with women, including Tara. Hanuman went to Sugriva and advised him that they had to repay Rama’s debt and had to search for Sita. Sugriva summoned Nila and asked him to prepare to send the vanara soldiers in all directions to look for Sita.  

After four months were completed, Rama sent Lakshmana to Sugriva to find out what had happened. Lakshmana marched angrily to Kishkinda. Seeing him come, the apes woke up the intoxicated Sugriva. Hanuman advised Sugriva not to anger Rama and to go and pacify Lakshmana.

…. to be continued