Launching Panchatantra Stories Based Jigsaw Puzzles

Launching Panchatantra Stories Based Jigsaw Puzzles

Launching Panchatantra Stories Based Jigsaw Puzzles

We are launching our first set of phygital (physical + digital experience) products in the form of Panchtantra stories based Jigsaw puzzles.

These wooden, cardboard puzzles are great for kids from 4-12 years of age to solve the puzzle and learn the story related to PANCHTANTRA. It provides engaged play-time for kids and helps in improving hand-eye coordination, improves short term memory and visual -spatial reasoning. It also gives an opportunity for parents to teach good morals from the stories in a more fun and interactive way.

After the completion of the puzzle kids can watch the full story and it’s moral on the Sutradhar app. This makes the whole process more interesting and interactive.

Kids also get one-year free subscription of India’s No 1 storytelling app on Indian mythology Sutradhar. The app has over 600 stories and publishes a new story Daily from Indian mythology and history.

Story of Panchtantra

More than 2000 years ago, when King Amarshakti of Mahilaropya Kingdom was worried about the education of his three sons; he invited the renowned teacher Acharya Vishnusharma.

Vishnusharmapromised to educate the princes in six months time. In the next six months Acharya Vishnusharma taught the princes by way of moral stories and made sure they learn the ways of the social life.

Vishnusharma divided his lessons into five parts. First part was about differences or conflicts among friends, the second part was choosing the right friend and forming relationships, the third part was about stories of crows and owls, the fourth part was about what to do in desperate situations and the fifth part was how to navigate in situations about which one does not have complete visibility. Thus Vishnusharma imparted social and practical knowledge to young princes through interesting stories.

These five chapters collectively became popular as Panchtantra. In this series we will be bringing out stories from Panchtantra with interesting visuals, which you can watch with your kids while solving these puzzles. 

Watch the video to know more about the story behind Panchtantra

In this series we will be bringing puzzles from the below stories.

Titihari and The Arrogant Sea

Once a Titihari bird laid eggs near the seashore. The ocean decided to teach the bird a lesson and carried those eggs with him with a giant wave.The bird then decided to teach the ocean a lesson and get the eggs back.

How did the little bird challenge the ocean and got back her eggs?



Dharmabuddhi and Papabuddhi were two friends who went to the city to earn some money. After living in the city for a while they earned enough money and decided to return to their village. Papabuddhi made an evil scheme to steal Dharmabuddhi’s money.

How did wise Dharmabuddhi manage to get his money back his evil friend?


The King and The Brahmin

A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend. You may ask how. Well, what happened when a King appointed a monkey his bodyguard? How did the thieves save the Brahmin’s life?


Pigeons and the hunter

In times of crisis, only a friend comes to the rescue, just as Hiranyakapigeon received help from his friends when his tribe was in trouble.

How did the pigeons get into the trouble in the first place? Who was this Hiranyaka’s friend who helped him in his time of need?

To know answers of all the above questions. Solve the puzzles and watch the story by scanning the QR code.