Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

Introducing the team of writers, illustrators, AFX artists and social media behind Sutradhar 

The Writing Team

Asish Kumar Acharya

Asish Kumar Acharya is a content writer and editor in Sutradhar who manages Hindi and Odia scripting. Hailing from Bhubaneswar Odisha, he has done his post-graduation in Journalism and Mass Communications from Amity University, Noida. An avid non-fiction reader and a follower of Indian politics. He has worked in the public policy research wing of Delhi Government and the public relations department of the Government of Madhya Pradesh. He has a deep-rooted interest in Indian and global history and culture.  Vikram Sampath, Sanjeev Sanyal and J. Sai Deepak are his favourite authors.
He has also worked as a journalist in Sahara Samay previously and  as a PR professional for some time in MSL India. Apart from his mother tongue being Odia, he has an interest in Hindi writing and literature. He loves to read books, blogging on politics and culture, Netflix binge watching and biking during his leisure time. 

Manya Sharma

Remember the voice behind Ved Vyas ki Mahabharat? Well, that is Rj Manya. The UP girl who takes you to the yuga of Mahabharata. She is the one who looks after our podcast strategy. Not just this, she has made a platform for herself through her heart-touching podcasts under her independent creative works, through which every lover can relate. Her heart-warming words resonate through real-life experiences. Previously a radio jockey and now our podcast champion, she is one of our most talented content creators. She loves music, action, drama & crime series and strives in encouraging people around her

With her positive talks and affirmations. Her enthralling and chatak advice makes one tremble with excitement and curiosity, all you have to do is lend your ears to this girl who will put her heart out to entertain you. When talking about her hobbies, Manya is at the top of her game when it comes to popular music. Her song selection sets the vibe on another level, and creates a positive energy around her. From choosing the best playlist for you, to curating top-notch content, it is inevitable that her contribution in the podcast field is a great investment!

Anuj Upadhyay

The journey of Anuj Upadhyay from a computer science engineer to a writer was not an easy one. He is an artist and a poet by heart. He continued with his poetry writing after getting the degree in 2016. Along with this, in 2019, he joined some internships and started writing at the professional level as well. Meanwhile, his show on Pocket FM garnered over 10 million views. Not only this but he got a chance to recite poetry on multiple platforms and also co-founded a group of young writers, finally finding an opportunity to join the Sutradhar on November 15, 2021. Books, movies, and video games are his main comforts.

Pallavi Joshi

Coming from the pink city, Jaipur, Pallavi Joshi is a story writer here at Sutradhar. For her, writing is like meditation through which she can release her stress with creative and innovative ideas. With a genuine interest in childrens’ stories, Pallavi loves to write stories which are not only entertaining for children but which inspire them to become a good person in their day to day lives. As a person who’s into Literature, she has a natural interest in reading and writing. With a perfect combination of professionalism & dedication, she is someone who puts her heart into everything she does. 

Anmol Jain

Always fascinated by stories, Anmol loves to weave a world with her words. Before joining Sutradhar as a story writer, she got different opportunities to participate in various state level extempore and debates, perform at various platforms and her show on Pocket FM got over  20 million views. 

With her Masters in English Literature, reading and writing have become a part and parcel of her life. Drawn towards less heard and less known stories, she puts her heart in bringing them to our audience.  

Anushree Gandhi

Previously, Anushree was a marketing content writer but writing stories got the better of her and she became a member of the Sutradhar family. 

She enjoys writing stories and is fond of reading. To give you the most memorable stories, Anushree invests a lot of her time story hunting from various authentic sources. Apart from writing, she has a flair for drawing and photography. 

The Production Team 

Atul Patil

Atul Patil is a skilled Motion Designer Artist with vast experience creating motion design for advertisements, short stories, and other electronic media. He is quite adept at communicating and collaborating with directors, project managers, and other creative professionals to ensure the successful completion of a job. Not only is he experienced in technical drawing, character development, 3D designs, and animation technologies, but also he is able to effectively manipulate visual aspects of images to create the illusion of motion.

His hobbies are reading, swimming, fishing, driving and creating appetizing dishes. Through his work, he hopes to present his identity to the world and is passionate about turning visions into reality. 

Anupam Tathawadekar

Anupam is an illustrator at heart who loves to paint on the spot. He always strives to find a golden mean, a unity between man & nature in his work. In Sutradhar, he is an Illustrator and a Visual designer. He takes in narration from our writers, and helps in translating and designing the overall visual atmosphere of our pauranik stories- right from the setting to the characters. Basically, he’s one of the members who adds life to all our stories and brings them to you. 

Keyur Karvande

Keyur is an AFX artist here at Sutradhar and also loves to create illustrations and animations. He was formerly an engineer but always thought he would be his best as a designer and hence made the career change.

He loves travelling, music and is strangely amused by true crime shows.

Chetan Pudale

A Creative Motion Designer artist, Chetan has a knowledge of complex animation software and techniques to manipulate visual aspects of images and create an illusion of motion. He has effective communication skills which enable him to establish a good rapport with creative experts to guarantee the successful completion of a work. His strength lies in turning ideas into action.

Rahul Gaikwad

Rahul is a visual artist and illustrator based out of Mumbai.  He is always trying to grasp visuals above mediocre and putting it on paper. He is pretty enthusiastic about Art education having an experience of teaching art over 4 years and now he is a full time visual development artist and illustrator here at Sutradhar. Storyboard, character design, and caricature are his fortes.

Social Media Strategist

Nishkarsh Bajpai

Nishkarsh is a creative soul. Full of thrill to ride bikes, enjoy a cup of tea in the mid-roads and a mind with thoughts to create milestones. As an Audience growth manager at Sutradhar, he loves interacting with netizens and boosting Sutradhar's awareness across the internet. Here, he also handles our YouTube channel and production under the guidance of our founders.