Sabha Parva - 2

Sabha Parva - 2

Sabha Parva - 2

Vidura was sent to invite Yudhishtira. Vidura advised against gambling but Yudhishtira decided that as per the Kshatriya dharma, he had no option but to accept the invitation. The Pandavas then reached Hastinapura with Draupadi where they were welcomed and treated well.

The dice game commenced and Duryodhana announced that Shakuni would play on his behalf. Yudhishtira started by gambling with a few precious gems. He lost the game to Shakuni who deceived him using his superior skills. One by one, Yudhishtira started to lose his wealth, his slaves, his elephants, chariots, and finally his kingdom.

Shakuni then taunted Yudhishtira to wager his brothers. One by one, Yudhishitra wagered all his brothers and lost the game. He lost all his brothers and even himself. As he was dejected, Shakuni asked him to wager Draupadi. He accepted the bet and lost.

Duryodhana who was delighted then ordered that Draupadi should be brought to the hall. Draupadi refused to come since she was is in her monthly season and was wearing only a single cloth. Duryodhana’s brother Dushasana then dragged her to the hall by her hair.

Vidura advised the king to stop the game and prevent a future disaster, but Duryodhana shut him down. Draupadi questioned the Kuru elders on how Yudhishtira could gamble her after he himself had lost. Bheeshma said that it is a difficult question that only Yudhishtira could answer. Vikarna, one of the Kauravas supported Draupadi calling the gambling match unfair.

Karna rebuked Vikarna and said that since Draupadi was married to five men, she was unchaste. He declared that the game was fair and since Draupadi was now a maid, she did not have the right to wear her upper garment.

Dushasana then, on Karna’s order pulled at Draupadi’s cloth trying to remove it. She prayed to Krishna for help and miraculously the garment increased in length. Dushasana failed in his attempt to disrobe her and fell on the ground exhausted.

An angry Bheema then vowed to kill Dushasana and rip his intestines out. Duryodhana then showed his thigh and asked Draupadi to sit on it since she was their slave. A furious Bheema promised to kill Duryodhana in battle by breaking his thigh.

Many bad omens occurred and Gandhari along with Vidura pleaded with the king to stop the terrible events. A shaken Dhritarashtra asked Draupadi to seek boons. She chose only two boons. She first asked for Yudhishtira’s freedom and then asked for her other husbands to be set free with their chariots and bows.

Dhritarashtra agreed and asked the Pandavas to return to their kingdom and live in harmony with their cousins. The Pandavas then left to their kingdom.

An angry Duryodhana told the king that the Pandavas would come back for war to avenge all that happened. He compelled his father to invite the Pandavas for a second game of dice, knowing that Yudhishtira won’t refuse. Pressurised by his son, the king who had a blind affection for his heir agreed to his demand.

The Pandavas were summoned back. This time, the game had a condition that the loser would forfeit his kingdom and go to the forest to exile for twelve years. It was also stipulated that the thirteenth year in exile had to be spent incognito. If recognized, they need to spend another twelve years in exile.

The game started and Shakuni once again deceived the unskilled and hapless Yudhishtira. The Pandavas gave up their wealth and costly robes. Accompanied by Draupadi who was in a single garment and bleeding, they left for exile.

The Kauravas mocked and insulted them as they left. Bheema and Arjuna vowed to avenge the insults after thirteen years.

Vidura declared that Kunti would remain in his house. The Pandavas with Draupadi took leave of Kunti and left to the forest.

End of Sabha Parva