Sundara Kanda 4 - Hanuman Returns

Sundara Kanda 4 - Hanuman Returns

Sundara Kanda 4 - Hanuman Returns

Angada then announced that he would lead the apes, go to Lanka, kill Ravana, and bring back Sita. Jambavan then reminded the prince that Rama should be allowed to fulfill his mission of bringing back Sita. They decided to return, and on the way entered Madhuvana to feast on honey.

The protector of Madhuvana, Dadhimukha attacked the apes, but was defeated by Angada. Dadhimukha then went to Sugriva to complain to him. Hearing what had occurred, Sugriva realised that the apes must have been celebrating because Hanuman had found Sita.

Sugriva told Dadhumukha, the protector of Madhuvana that Hanuman and the apes had destroyed the grove because they were celebrating the finding of Sita. Dadhimukha then returned to the grove and told Angada that Sugriva was waiting for them. Hearing his words, Angada and the others left to meet Sugriva. 

The ape returned and bowed to Sugriva and Rama. Hanuman then told Rama that he had found Sita and narrated all that had occurred. He then gave him Sita’s chudamani. Rama wept with joy seeing the jewel that had been given to Sita by Dasharatha.  

Hanuman told Rama all that Sita had said. He reminded him of the incident of the crow that Sita had narrated. Once a crow had bit Sita between her breasts. Seeing this, a furious Rama had picked up a blade of darba grass. He invoked the Brahmastra and flung it at the crow. In panic, the crow searched the three worlds but could not find anyone to protect it.

Finally, the crow found refuge in Rama who had then forgiven it. But the powerful weapon of Brahma had blinded the crow in its right eye. Sita had told Hanuman that Rama was supreme among all warriors. She had grieved about why Rama and Lakshmana were ignoring her and had not come to rescue her from the evil Ravana.

Sita had then told Hanuman to convey to Rama that he should kill Ravana and take her back. Sita was also worried about how Rama would cross the ocean. She had told Hanuman that only three people could cross the ocean. One was Vayu, the other Garuda, and the third Hanuman. She wanted Rama to prove his valour in battle and take her back home.

Hanuman had assured Sita that he would carry Rama on his shoulders and bring him to Lanka. He had assured her that Rama would come to save her. He had told her that once she returned, they would go back to Ayodhya, where Rama would rule as king.

Hanuman thus narrated his conversation with Sita. He reminded Rama that as per Sita’s words, he had to go to Lanka and rescue her within one month.

End of Sundara Kanda