Udyoga Parva - 3

Udyoga Parva - 3

Udyoga Parva - 3

The next day, Krishna received a grand welcome at the assembly hall. He conveyed his message calling for peace to prevent great destruction. The sages Parashurama and Kanva explained the prowess of Nara and Narayana. They pointed out how it was impossible to defeat Arjuna in battle when Krishna was with him.

Even after hearing everyone’s advice, Duryodhana refused to return the Pandavas their territory. He said that he would not even give the land that would cover the tip of a needle and then left the assembly along with his supporters.

On Dhritarashtra’s command, Vidura brought Gandhari to the assembly. She then asked Duryodhana to return. She advised her son to return the Pandavas their kingdom since they were invincible in battle. Duryodhana again refused to heed her words and walked out of the assembly.

They then planned to seize Krishna. Satyaki heard this and informed Krishna. Dhritarashtra was angry with his sons for their plan and summoned them. He told them they would be destroyed if they tried to seize Krishna. A smiling Krishna then revealed his divine form and the Kauravas saw Brahma and Rudra on his forehead and chest. They saw Arjuna, Balarama, and the other Pandavas emerge from Krishna’s body.

Krishna’s body glowed, and it seemed the rays of the sun were emerging from it. Everyone closed their eyes in fear except Bheeshma, Vidura, Drona, Sanjaya, and the assembled sages. Krishna then left the palace. After meeting Kunti and taking her blessings, he then went to meet Karna.

Krishna took Karna with him in his chariot. Krishna then revealed the truth that Karna was the son of Kunti and that the Pandavas were his brothers. He asked him to come to the Pandavas, who would welcome him as their eldest brother. He promised to make Karna the king of earth.

Karna then told Krishna that when he was born, Kunti abandoned him, but it was Radha who brought him up. He told him how Duryodhana made him a king and he enjoyed his kingdom. Karna told Krishna that Duryodhana was waging war since Karna was ready to fight. He told Krishna he was waiting to duel with Arjuna and not doing so would bring infamy to both him and Arjuna.

Karna then told Krishna that he regretted the harsh words he spoke during the dice game. He told him that he would die at the hands of Arjuna, while Duryodhana will be killed by Bheema and they will thus end their life on the holy Kurukshetra land. Karna told Krishna that there are many signs that pointed towards the destruction of the Kurus.

Krishna then informed him that the war would begin in seven days and expressed his sadness that Karna did not listen to his advice. Karna promised to meet him again if he was alive or would meet him in the other world. Krishna embraced Karna before returning to Upaplavya.

…. to be continued