Uttara Kanda 5: Ravana's Conquest of Yamaloka and Varunaloka

Uttara Kanda 5: Ravana's Conquest of Yamaloka and Varunaloka

Uttara Kanda 5: Ravana's Conquest of Yamaloka and Varunaloka

Ravana then met the divine sage Narada in a forest. The sage praised Ravana’s valour and asked why he killed innocent humans. Narada told Ravana that he had already conquered the world of humans. Ravana then decided to go to Rastala and defeat the Gods so he could conquer the three worlds.


Narada then pointed Ravana to the world of Yama, and Ravana proceeded in that direction. Narada then wondered how Ravana could kill death. He also wondered if death was defeated, then who would take over his job. Narada also decided to go to Yamaloka. Having reached Yamaloka, he informed Yama of Ravana’s arrival.


Ravana reached Yamaloka, and he freed all the evil beings who were being punished. Yama’s assistants then attacked Ravana and began to destroy the Pushpaka vimana. A fierce fight began with Yama’s forces launching a terrible attack on Ravana. While they could not kill Ravana, their attack was so fierce that his armour was shattered, and he began to bleed.


Ravana angrily fixed the Pashupata weapon to his bow and released it at his opponents. The weapon wiped out Yama’s army, and an angry Yama joined the battle. Holding the noose of death in his hand, Yama attacked Ravana. Yama hurled hundreds of weapons that Ravana could not counter.


Both fought for seven days and nights and yet neither could defeat the other. Ravana struck Yama hard, injuring his internal organs. An angry Yama then blazed with flames coming from his mouth. Picking up the Kaladanda, he decided to end Ravana’s life. Brahma then appeared and told Yama not to make his boon become false.


Yama agreed to Brahma’s request and withdrew his weapon. He then disappeared. Seeing him vanish, Ravana proclaimed loudly that he had conquered Yama. Climbing on to his vimana, Ravana then proceeded to Rastala to take on Varuna. He first attacked the Nivatakavacha demons.


The demons were invincible and fought ferociously. The fight went on for a year, and Ravana could not defeat the Nivatakavachas. Finally, the grandfather arrived and told them to make peace since they could not defeat each other. Ravana then made an alliance with the Nivatakavachas and left from there. Before he left, he learnt different types of Maya from them.


Ravana then went to the abode of the Kalakeyas, known as Ashma. After defeating them, he entered Varuna’s abode. There, he saw the divine cow Surabhi. Bowing before the cow, he entered Varuna’s palace and challenged him for a fight.


Varuna then fought with Ravana while his army fought with Ravana’s army. Varuna’s forces were vanquished by the terrible army of Ravana. Varuna’s sons then attacked so powerfully that Ravana had to retreat. Seeing this, an angry Mahodara killed the horses of the chariots of Varuna’s sons.


Moving to the sky, Varuna’s sons attacked Mahodara. They also targeted Ravana, who responded by using a variety of weapons. Struck by Ravana’s weapons, Varuna’s sons had no option but to retreat. Varuna’s aide, named Prabhasa, came there and informed Ravana that Varuna had gone to the world of Brahma.


Ravana then declared himself victorious against Varuna. He then decided to return to Lanka. On the way, he attacked all celestial beings. Ravana abducted any beautiful woman he saw after killing those who were with her. The women wept in sorrow remembering their family and scared of the terrible Ravana.


The women cursed Ravana that he deserved to be killed for his evil deed. The curses diminished Ravana’s radiance. When he returned, he saw his sister Surpanakha crying. Surpanakha told Ravana that in his battle with the Kalakeyas, he had killed her husband. Ravana was upset and told Surpanakha that he accidentally killed her husband, since he could not distinguish friends and enemies in the battlefield.