Virata Parva - 3

Virata Parva - 3

Virata Parva - 3

Arjuna chased Uttara and dragged him back. The entire Kaurava army laughed, seeing a eunuch chase the prince to bring him back to battle. Arjuna then took Uttara to the cemetery and retrieved his weapons. He revealed to Uttara that he was Arjuna, and asked the prince to be his charioteer.

When Arjuna sounded his conch and twanged the Gandiva, the earth shook. Hearing this, Drona realized it could be only Arjuna. Duryodhana was happy that the Pandavas had been discovered but Bheeshma told him that the year of incognito has passed.

Duryodhana took the cows and left the battlefield, but Arjuna chased and defeated him. In the confusion, the cows fled from there and went back to Viratanagar. The Kauravas then attacked Arjuna, who defeated Karna and made him run from the battlefield. He defeated Kripa and Drona and made Bheeshma faint after a fierce battle.

The entire Kaurava army then attacked Arjuna. He used the Sammohana astra and made the entire army unconscious. He then asked Uttara to cut pieces of clothes belonging to all the warriors and give them to his sister to dress her dolls.

Uttarakumar returned to a heroic welcome. His happy father praised his valour but Yudhishtira as Kanaka repeatedly told him it was because of Brihannala that Uttara won. An angry Virata flung the dice at Kanaka. The dice hit Kanaka’s nose, causing him to bleed. Draupadi collected Kanaka’s blood, saying if it fell on the ground, the kingdom would be ruined.

When Uttara saw his father had injured Kanaka, who was none other than Yudhishtira, he told his father that it was actually a celestial being who fought the battle. He told the king that the celestial being will reveal himself soon.

Three days after the battle, the Pandavas dressed in their finest clothes and wearing crowns, sat in the places reserved for kings. Seeing them, Virata was angry and asked why his cook and cowherd were seated in the thrones meant for kings. Arjuna then revealed the true identities of the Pandavas. Uttara then explained how Arjuna single-handedly fought the Kauravas.

The king then offered his daughter Uttara’s hand in marriage with Arjuna who declined saying that Uttara considered him a teacher, so he would accept her as a daughter-in-law. Arjuna then proposed that Uttara marry his son Abhimanyu and the king happily accepted.

The marriage was then planned and Abhimanyu came to Viratanagar, with his mother Subhadra, uncles Krishna and Balarama, and others. Various allies of the Pandavas also attended the marriage. Yudhishtira gave away cows, gems, and other gifts to the Brahmanas. Abhimanyu then wedded Uttara even as everyone blessed them. The people of Matsya and the guests celebrated the marriage.

End of Virata Parva