Why Shrikrishna was not present at dyuta sabha?

Why Shrikrishna was not present at dyuta sabha?

Why Shrikrishna was not present at dyuta sabha?

By Bharathi

Bharathi is a Chennai based writer and editor whose childhood passion for writing transformed into a career in this field. She is the author of the story "The fall of the first son" from the Unsung Valour and "Subhadra - The auspicious one" from Aryaa anthologies.

The Pandavas are exiled after the second dyuta game. They stay the night by the Ganga at the boundaries of Hastinapura and then go to the Kamyaka forest. 

Krishna arrives much later here to see the Pandavas. He is enraged about what has happened  and he says that they will immediately wage war and establish Yudishtira as king. Arjuna pacifies him, seeing that he is uncontrollably furious. Krishna calms down and also assures Draupadi that the Kauravas will all meet their end.

Then he explains that if he had been in Dwaraka, he would have heard of the dyuta match and come immediately even if not invited to stop it by any means.  Yudishthira asks him why he was absent and Krishna narrates how Shalva, king of Martikavata, had attacked Dwaraka in his absence, causing great harm to even the innocent citizens.

Shalva was avenging the death of Sisupala at the Rajasuya. When Krishna returned from Rajasuya he saw the destruction and then immediately set out to punish Shalva. He found Shalva in the middle of the ocean and challenged him. A fierce battle broke out between Krishna and Shalva and his danava forces. 
Only after Shalva had been killed, Krishna returned to Dwaraka. Then he heard about the Pandava exile and immediately came to Kamyakhya. This is why he was not present at the dyuta sabha.

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