Women of Mahabharat

Women of Mahabharat

Women of Mahabharat

Kunti was a single mother who raised 5 highly capable and righteous sons, despite the hardships and constant threat to their lives. She also survived the trauma of being forced to abandon her firstborn as a teenager. 

Urvashi married Pururava on her own terms and decided to leave when Pururava broke the pact. Same with Ganga-Shantanu. Ganga left Shantanu the day he questioned her actions. 

Satyavati married Shantanu on her own terms and ensured the Kuru dynasty survived after the death of her husband and children.

Savitri chose whom she wanted to marry and literally fought death to get her husband back to life. She did that despite having prior warning about her husband's fate. 

Damayanti made efforts to get reunited with Nala, when Nala had practically surrendered to the hardships he had to face. 

Shakuntala fought the king of Hastinapur in the middle of his court for her rights and got what she rightfully deserved.

Draupadi saved her husbands from literal slavery when she stood up for herself in an open court in an hostile set up. She ensured her husbands stayed together and prepared for the great war. If it wasn't for her Pandava were doomed.

Amba stood up for herself in front of Bhishma and when nobody could help her she took it upon herself to avenge the wrong done to her. She succeeded.

Suvarchala wanted her husband to have certain qualities and did not settle for a compromise.

Uloopi, a widow, convinced Arjuna, one of the most desirable men of those times, to marry her. Similar was the case with Hidimba-Bhima.

Chitrangada did not marry Arjuna till he accepted to not stake any claims over their son, in order for him to inherit his mother's kingdom.

Indrani made efforts to restore Indra to the throne of heaven when the throne was occupied by Nahusha. She succeeded. Indra was hiding inside a lotus stem all this while.

Gandhari decided to live blindfolded all her life because she wanted to experience the world as experienced by her blind husband. She was a wise woman who always offered good advice to Dhritarashtra. She had the good sense to advise Dhritarashtra to not succumb to their son's demands. She was stronger than her husband in that sense. 

Dusshala stood in front of the greatest warrior of those times and negotiated peace on behalf of her young grandson during the Ashwamedha conquest. 

Tilottama eliminated the dreaded Sunda and Upasunda without raising a weapon where all the Gods had failed with all their divine powers.

Lopamudra demanded the life of a princess from her ascetic husband, sending him on a quest to acquire wealth to satisfy the wish of his wife. 

These are some of the strongest female characters ever and all of them are from the greatest epic Mahabharat.

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