Yuddha Kanda 4 - The Battle Resumes after Garuda's Arrival

Yuddha Kanda 4 - The Battle Resumes after Garuda's Arrival

Yuddha Kanda 4 - The Battle Resumes after Garuda's Arrival

Trijata’s words pacified Sita, and they returned to the Ashokavana. Meanwhile, Rama had regained consciousness and woke up. He was distraught seeing his brother senseless. He grieved over how Sumitra would react when she saw her dead son. 

Meanwhile, Vibhishana arrived there with his father-in-law Sushena. Seeing Lakshmana in this condition, Sushena said that the sanjiva and vishalya herbs could be used to revive Lakshmana. He said that the herbs were to be found in the Chandra and Drona mountains where they were placed by the Gods. He suggested that Hanuman should go and get the healing herbs.

There was a huge gush of wind, and Garuda arrived. Embracing Rama and Lakshmana, he healed their wounds. The snakes that had bound the two brothers vanished the moment Garuda arrived. After assuring Rama that he would be able to get Sita back, Garuda left.

The apes celebrated seeing Rama and Lakshmana healed of their wounds. The rakshasas heard the sounds and informed Ravana, who asked his spies to find out what had happened. When they reported that Rama and Lakshmana had been freed from Indrajit’s arrows, Ravana was upset. He directed the rakshasa Dhumraksha to go and kill Rama and the apes.

Dhumraksha and his rakshasas attacked, but the apes valiantly fought back. Hanuman was wild with anger and crushed Dhumraksha’s chariot using a boulder. The demon struck Hanuman with his mace, but without flinching, Hanuman brought down the summit of a mountain on Dhumraksha’s head. 

The terrible demon was killed, and the remaining rakshasas fled. An angry Ravana then sent Akampana to take on the ape army. Akampana attacked in the dark, but the ape army fought with great valour. There was a terrible slaughter, and then Hanuman attacked Akampana. The rakshasas showered arrows, but could not stop Hanuman.

The best among apes flung a mountain at Akampana, but he shattered it into pieces using an arrow. Hanuman then picked up a tree, and using it killed hundreds of rakshasas. Uprooting a large tree, Hanuman struck Akampana on the head and the demon died.

When Ravana heard this, he summoned his general Prahasta and told him to attack and make the apes flee. Prahasta then suggested that it would be better to return Sita, but he would fight for Ravana’s sake. Prahasta then assembled an army and attacked the ape army, causing bloodshed. Nila then attacked Prahasta and killed Prahasta’s horses.

Prahasta then jumped out of his chariot and attacked Nila with his mace, striking the ape on his head. Nila did not flinch, but took a large boulder and smashed Prahasta’s head. The rakshasas fled in panic. When he heard this news, Ravana decided to himself attack the ape army.

A terrible battle ensued, and Ravana shot an arrow that struck Sugriva, making the king of apes fall unconscious. Ravana then began to massacre the ape army. Hanuman then charged at Ravana and reminded him that Brahma’s boon did not protect him from apes. Ravana then struck Hanuman with his palm, but Hanuman regained his balance. 

Hanuman hit Ravana hard, making the king reel. Ravana then appreciated Hanuman’s valour and struck Hanuman hard on his chest. Hanuman reeled and was exhausted. Ravana then took on Nila, and attacked him furiously. Nila jumped on Ravana’s chariot and stood on his flag post. Ravana then used the Agneya weapon and struck Nila. Burnt by the arrow, Nila collapsed. Ravana then charged at Lakshmana, and the two warriors began a fierce fight.

Ravana was taken aback seeing Lakshmana’s prowess and struck him repeatedly with arrows. But Lakshmana broke Ravana’s bow and struck him with three arrows, causing the Lanka king to lose his consciousness.

… to be continued