Yuddha Kanda 5 - Hanuman Brings Sanjivani and Kumbhakarna is Awakened

Yuddha Kanda 5 - Hanuman Brings Sanjivani and Kumbhakarna is Awakened

Yuddha Kanda 5 - Hanuman Brings Sanjivani and Kumbhakarna is Awakened

Ravana quickly regained his senses and hurled a spear given to him by Brahma. The spear blazed in the air and struck Lakshmana, making him fall. Ravana tried to lift up Lakshmana, but failed. Hanuman then leaping in the air, struck Ravana on his chest. Bleeding from his ears and eyes, Ravana fell on the ground, even as the apes cheered. 

Hanuman lifted Lakshmana and took him to Rama. The spear then returned to Ravana, and Lakshmana woke up. Hanuman then asked Rama to sit on his shoulder like Vishnu would sit on Hanuman. Sitting on Hanuman’s shoulders, Rama then challenged Ravana. The angry Lanka king then shot blazing arrows that struck Hanuman.

Seeing Hanuman being attacked, Rama was furious. He shot multiple arrows at fast speed, and destroyed Ravana’s chariot and killed his charioteer. Rama then struck Ravana on his chest with a sharp arrow. Ravana stumbled and his bow fell. Rama then shot a half-moon arrow and brought down Ravana’s crown.

Rama then saw that his opponent was weaponless, and asked him to return to Lanka and come back in a new chariot to fight with him. A humiliated Ravana then returned to Lanka. Dejected by his defeat and frightened by the power of Rama’s arrows, Ravana decided to wake up Kumbhakarna. He sent rakshasas to wake up Kumbhakarna who was in deep sleep as per Brahma’s curse.

The rakshasas used scents, food, meat, liquor, and incense to try and wake Kumbhakarna. They made sounds using drums, conches, and cymbals. They struck him on his body, pulled his hair, and even used weapons to hit him. But Kumbhakarna did not wake up. Finally, elephants were made up to run over his gigantic body, and then he woke up.

Kumbhakarna asked if Indra had attacked them. An advisor named Yupaksha then explained what had happened. Kumbhakarna announced he would kill Rama and Lakshmana, and drink their blood. He then went to meet Ravana. When he walked, the earth trembled. Hearing the sounds, the apes panicked and sought refuge with Rama. 

Rama saw him and wondered who the giant was. Vibhishana told him the story of Kumbhakarna. He told him how Kumbhakarna was devouring all beings. Even Indra’s vajra couldn’t hurt him. Brahma had then cursed Kumbhakarna saying he would sleep forever. Ravana pleaded with Brahma to change his curse.

The creator said that Kumbhakarna would sleep for six months and be awake for one day. On that day, he would swallow all beings and be endowed with great power. Hearing this story, Rama asked his troops to be prepared to take on the giant Kumbhakarna.

Meanwhile, Ravana had met his brother and explained all that had happened. Kumbhakarna told Ravana that had he accepted the advice given by others, this situation would not have arisen. Ravana was angry with his brother’s words. Kumbhakarna told his brother that his words were spoken out of affection. He declared he would destroy the enemy and kill Rama.

Decked up in ornaments and carrying a powerful spear, Kumbhakarna set out for battle. Kumbhakarna’s arrival was like a mountain walking, and his roar was so terrible that trees were uprooted. The apes were terrified, but still attacked him. Kumbhakarna effortlessly slew them all. The apes then panicked and began to flee. 

Angada calmed them, filled them with confidence, and brought them back. Hanuman threw mountains and trees, but Kumbhakarna destroyed them with his spear. He started picking up ape, and began to eat them like Garuda ate serpents. Using his spear, Kumbhakarna struck Hanuman. The mighty ape vomited blood and cried in pain.

…. to be continued