Yuddha Kanda 6 - The Fall of Mighty Kumbhakarna

Yuddha Kanda 6 - The Fall of Mighty Kumbhakarna

Yuddha Kanda 6 - The Fall of Mighty Kumbhakarna

None of the ape leaders could stop Kumbhakarna, and they were all injured by the demon’s attack. Sugriva was furious, seeing the way his ape army was being eaten up. He then flung a mountain at Kumbhakarna, challenging him to stop him. The mountain broke into pieces and the angry Kumbhakarna then threw his spear at Sugriva.

The ape king grabbed the huge spear and broke it on his thigh. The angry Kumbhakarna flung a mountain. It hit Sugriva and he collapsed. Kumbhakarna picked up the ape king and wandered around, creating panic in the ape army. Hanuman debated whether he should increase in size and attack Kumbhakarna. 

Hanuman then felt if he saved Sugriva, it would reduce the king’s fame. So, he decided to wait for the ape king to wake up and free himself. Hanuman then rallied the ape army preventing them from fleeing. Meanwhile, Sugriva regained his senses and realised Kumbhakarna was carrying him to Lanka. Using his nails, Sugriva tore off Kumbhakarna’s ears, and bit his nose.

Bleeding from his face, Kumbhakarna angrily threw away Sugriva. A furious Kumbhakarna then began to swallow apes and bears. He was so angry and confused that he began to swallow rakshasas too. Seeing the situation, Lakshmana entered the fray shooting arrows at Kumbhakarna


Ravana’s brother ignored Lakshmana and charged at Rama, who shot the mighty Roudra weapon at him. Severely hurt, Kumbhakarna continued to eat all beings he saw. He ran around like a crazy elephant devouring rakshasas, pischachas, apes, and bears.

Rama then challenged Kumbhakarna, who accepted the challenge. Rama shot arrows continuously, but none of them made any impact. Using the Vayavya weapon, Rama cut off Kumbhakarna’s arm. Using half-crescent arrows, he then cut off the rakshasa’s feet.

Finally, Rama used the Aindra weapon and severed Kumbhakarna’s head. Kumbhakarna then fell into the sea, killing many sea beings. The fall of the terrible demon led to celebrations with the Gods and celestial beings joining in.

When Ravana came to know of Kumbhakarna’s death, he became senseless due to grief. Even as he lamented, his sons Trishira, Devantaka, Narantaka, and Atikaya promised to fight and kill Rama. A terrible battle then took place. Narantaka caused havoc in the ape army, killing apes with his powerful spear.

Sugriva asked Angada to stop Narantaka. Angada challenged Narantaka to throw the spear at his chest. When Narantaka hurled the spear, it struck Angada’s chest and broke into pieces. Angada then used his bare fists to fight with Narantaka and killed him by smashing his chest. 

The other rakshasa princes then attacked Angada, who fought bravely. Angada attacked the elephant on which Devantaka was seated and pulled out its tusk. He used the tusk to attack Devantaka. The rakshasa struck Angada with a club, and Vali's son fell to the ground. Trishira then struck him with serpent arrows.

Seeing Angada in trouble, Hanuman and Nila joined the attack. Hanuman used his mighty fists and struck Devantaka on the head, crushing his head leaving him dead. Nila fought with Mahodara, and using a tree, hit Mahodara on the head. The rakshasa fell dead. 

Trishara attacked Hanuman, who used his bare hands to kill his horses. Trishira then used weapons, and when they were destroyed, fought hand to hand with Hanuman. The mighty ape then used Trishira’s own sword to behead him. Seeing their leaders dead, the rakshasa fled from the battlefield even as the apes roared in joy.