Yuddha Kanda 7 -  Indrajit's Brahmastra

Yuddha Kanda 7 - Indrajit's Brahmastra

Yuddha Kanda 7 - Indrajit's Brahmastra

Ravana’s brother, the mighty Mahaparshva, then attacked the apes using an iron club. The ape Rishaba then fought with Mahaparshava. Despite being struck by the club, Rishaba grabbed the club from Mahaparshva and smashed the demon with it. Mahaparshva died a terrible death, his teeth and eyes falling off as a result of Rishaba’s terrible attack.

Atikaya then entered the fray and charged at the apes. Seeing his prowess, the apes fled to Rama for protection. When Rama asked who the great warrior was, Vibhishana told him that Atikaya was the son of Ravana and Dhanyamali. Atikaya challenged the two brothers to a duel, and Lakshmana accepted the challenge.

A terrible fight ensued with the two warriors shooting powerful arrows at each other. Lakshmana shot an arrow and struck Atikaya on his forehead. The rakshasa released a blazing arrow that hit Lakshmana on his chest. The two warriors used a variety of celestial weapons to fight each other.

Vayu then arrived and told Lakshmana to use the weapon of Brahma. Lakshmana released the mighty Brahmastra, and it blazed through the air destroying Atikaya’s weapon. The arrow struck Atikaya and sent his head flying in the air.

When Ravana learnt of the death of his brother and sons, he wept in sorrow. Seeing his father’s tears, Indrajit promised that he would come back only after killing Rama. Turning invisible, Indrajit made his chariot move up in the air. Indrajit then launched a terrible attack, creating a shower of weapons. All the ape leaders were struck by different weapons, making them fall.

Indrajit then targeted Rama and Lakshmana and used Brahma’s weapon. Rama then told his brother they couldn’t fight with Indrajit when he was invisible. The two brothers then allowed themselves to be struck by Indraji’s arrows and they fell to the ground. Seeing them fall, Indrajit left for Lanka.

Vibhishana consoled Hanuman, and the two of them went around the battlefield. 67 crore apes had been killed by Indrajit’s use of Brahma’s weapon. They then found Jambavan. He asked Vibhishana if Hanuman was dead. Vibhishana asked him why he was enquiring only about Hanuman. 

Jambavan then said that if Hanuman was dead, they had no chance of winning. But if Hanuman was alive, they would win. Hanuman then affectionately greeted the leader of the bears. Jambavan told Hanuman to find a mountain between the Rishaba and Kailasa Mountains. He told Hanuman to find the Mrutsanjivani and other healing herbs and bring them.

Hanuman leapt high and flew in the air, reaching the Himalayas. He reached the mountain that Jambavan had mentioned. The herbs became invisible when Hanuman arrived. Not able to spot the herbs, Hanuman uprooted the mountain. Carrying it in his palm, he flew back to Lanka. The herbs were then inhaled by the two princes who woke up.

The herbs rejuvenated the fallen apes, too. Hanuman then picked up the mountain and returned it to its original position. Sugriva decided to take the army and attack Lanka. The ape army invaded Lanka and set the palaces and mansions on fire. There was panic in Lanka, with the women screaming in fear as they were burnt by the fire.

Rama led the attack, shooting arrows even as the rakshasas came out to battle. As the battle proceeded, Angada fought with Kampana. Picking up a mountain, Angada hurled it at Kampana and killed him. Kumbha, the son of Kumbakarna attacked the apes. His arrow struck Dvivida, making him fall. Dvivida’s brother Mainda threw a boulder at Kumbha. 

Kumbha broke the boulder and struck Mainda in the chest, making him lose his senses. Seeing his maternal uncles fall, Angada attacked Kumbha. A fierce battle took place, with Angada countering Kumbha’s arrows. After fighting bravely, Angada was hurt, and he fell to the ground losing consciousness.

…. to be continued