Yuddha Kanda 8 - Kumbhakarna's Sons

Yuddha Kanda 8 - Kumbhakarna's Sons

Yuddha Kanda 8 - Kumbhakarna's Sons

Sugreeva, along with Jambavan, went to Angada’s aid. Sugreeva hurled trees and rocks at Kumbha, even as the rakshasa kept shooting arrows. Charging at Kumbha, Sugreeva grabbed his bow and broke it. Kumbha then struck Sugreeva on his chest with his bare fists. Sugreeva did not budge and struck back.


Sugreeva’s blow to Kumbha’s chest made the rakshasa reel, and he fell dead. Kumbha’s brother Nikumbha was furious and roared in anger, with his huge club in his hand. Hanuman challenged him and struck him in the chest. Nikumbha quickly recovered and picked up Hanuman. The mighty ape freed himself and flung Nikumbha on the ground. The two fought fiercely, and Hanuman emerged victorious, killing Nikumbha.


Ravana was furious when he heard of Kumbha and Nikumbha’s deaths. He sent Makarakshasa to kill Rama and Lakshmana. Makarakshasa launched a ferocious attack, making the apes flee. Rama filled them with courage and took on Makarakshasa himself. The son of Khara and the son of Dasharatha then shot hundreds of arrows at each other.


Makarakshasa was no match for Rama and soon his bow was shattered. Rama then killed the rakshasa’s charioteer and destroyed his chariot. Makarakshasa then flung a spear, but Rama broke it midair. Makarakshasa then charged at Rama. Smilingly, Rama shot the Pavakastra. The weapon raced through the air and struck Makarakshasa in his chest killing him.


Ravana then asked his son Indrajit to use his powers and fight Rama and Lakshmana. Indrajit used his powers and turned invisible. Taking his chariot high in the air, he shot arrows at Rama and his ape army. Rama used celestial weapons but he did not know where Indrajit was, making his arrows ineffective.


Rama and Lakshmana shot arrows in all directions to defend themselves against Indrajit’s terrible attack. Indrajit kept shooting arrows moving all over the sky. His blazing arrows repeatedly struck the two brothers, and also struck the hapless apes, killing many of them.


An angry Lakshmana then decided to use the Brahmastra, but Rama stopped him, saying that it was wrong to destroy the entire rakshasa clan to target one person. Indrajiit then went back to Lanka and returned. He created an illusion of Sita seated in his chariot.


Hanuman charged at Indrajit along with the ape army. Indrajit then grabbed Sita’s hair, threatening to cut her head. Sita wept, crying for Rama. Not knowing this was an illusion, Hanuman shed tears of sorrow seeing Sita’s plight. He angrily resolved to kill Indrajit and charged at him.


Indrajit laughed and beheaded Sita in front of everyone. The apes were shocked seeing the illusion and fled in panic. Hanuman consoled them and asked them to join him in fighting with Indrajit. The apes then reassembled and carrying rocks and trees, attacked Indrajit. None of their weapons could reach Indrajit.


Hanuman then decided to return to inform Rama of what had happened. Seeing the apes retreat, Indrajit returned to Lanka and carried out a sacrifice, offering oblations to the fire. Meanwhile, Hanuman returned and informed Rama that Indrajit had beheaded Sita. Hearing this news, a grief-stricken Rama collapsed, losing his senses. Lakshmana consoled Rama and promised to destroy Lanka to avenge Sita.


At that time, Vibhishana arrived at the spot and learnt what had happened. He then assured Rama that Ravana would never kill Sita. He told Rama that it was Indrajit’s Maya. Vibhishana then told Rama that Indrajit was performing a sacrifice in Nilakumbha. and if he completed it, he would become invincible.


Vibhishana urged Rama to immediately send Lakshmana to kill Indrajit and stop the sacrifice. Rama agreed and asked Lakshmana to take an army led by Hanuman and Jambavan. Lakshmana immediately left for Nilakumbha.


…. to be continued