Ranbhoomi Kurukshetra Board Game

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Type: Board Game

A board game based on the epic, Mahabharata!

Introducing the ultimate board game experience for fans of epic tales and strategic gameplay - the Ranbhoomi Kurukshetra Board Game!

  • Board Game Based on Mahabharata. Ranbhoomi Kurukshetra is a board game that attempts to simulate the events of Kurukshetra war
  • Battle to Survive. The objective of the game is to survive till the end. Each block allows the players to explore more about Kurukshetra war and act accordingly.
  • Relive the legendary battle of Kurukshetra. This board game is designed to bring the excitement and intensity of the battle right to your tabletop, with a range of innovative features that make it a must-have for any strategy game enthusiast.
  • 2+ Hour of Audio/VIdeo content related to the Game on Sutradhar App.  Featuring in-depth tutorials, stories about characters and weapons, gameplay demonstrations, and strategy breakdowns, our video content is designed to enhance your board game experience. Sutradhar app also contains more than 1000 stories from ancient India.
  • Easy to Learn. Kurukshetra Board Game is easy to learn, but challenging to master, with gameplay that is both engaging and immersive. Players take on the role of soldiers in either the Pandava or Kaurava side, and must make strategic decisions that will determine the outcome of each battle.
  • Premium Build. Kurukshetra has a charming visual style and adorable character drawings that appeal to children and families right away.  It features a sturdy design, high-quality parts, and a beautiful finish. You get just the best.
  • Contents. Game board, 8 Player Tokens, 44 Divyastra Cards, Rulebook, Dice and Video content to know more about the events. For 2-6 players, ages 7+

So if you're looking for a board game that combines strategy, history, and epic storytelling, look no further than the Mahabharata War Board Game. Get yours today and experience the thrill of this legendary battle like never before!