Bheeshma Parva - 7

Bheeshma Parva - 7

Bheeshma Parva - 7

The arrows of Arjuna came fast and furious. Bheeshma hurled lances at Arjuna, but he broke them all. Finally, severely injured by Arjuna’s arrows, Bheeshma fell to the ground. As he fell to the ground, the arrows in his body formed a bed. His mother Ganga appeared before him and advised him not to give up his body when the sun was still in the dakshinayana.

The Kauravas lamented while the Pandavas celebrated the fall of the mighty Bheeshma. Hearing the terrible news, Drona fell unconscious. When he got up, he stopped the battle and went to take the blessings of Bheeshma.

Bheeshma asked for a pillow and when kings brought many soft pillows, he refused them asking for one that befits a warrior. Arjuna then created a pillow out of arrows to support the fallen grandsire’s head.

The next day, everyone again came to seek Bheeshma’s blessings before commencing the battle. Bheeshma then asked Arjuna for water. Arjuna then used the Parjanya weapon to pierce the earth such that a stream of water poured into Bheeshma’s parched throat, quenching his thirst. Bheeshma praised Arjuna and again told Duryodhana that he could never defeat the Pandavas.

Bheeshma asked Duryodhana to stop the war and bring peace, but Duryodhana was obstinate and refused. Then Karna came to Bheeshma with tears in his eyes and took his blessings. Bheeshma advised Karna to join the Pandavas, but he refused. He then blessed him, saying victory will be there where there is Dharma.

Karna then returned to the camp after seeking Bheeshma’s blessings.

End of Bheeshma Parva