Drona Parva 7 - Fall of Ghatotkacha

Drona Parva 7 - Fall of Ghatotkacha

Drona Parva 7 - Fall of Ghatotkacha

Ghatotkacha then launched himself at the Kauravas, causing panic in their ranks. Assuming a terrible form that was tall as a mountain, Ghatokacha seated on a golden chariot attacked Karna. The two warriors used all types of weapons against each other.

Ghatotkacha created a dark cloud, and it showered missiles on Karna, who used the Vayavya astra to dispel the cloud. Using the anjalika arrow, Ghatotkacha smashed Karna’s bow, but he picked up a more powerful weapon and continued to attack.  

Then Ghatotkacha’s enemy, Alayudha arrived and charged at him. Alayudha’s powerful attack caused Ghatotkacha to fall back. Seeing this, Bheema attacked Alayudha. The battle was terrible and Ghatotkacha rejoined the battle. The two demons wrestled with each other, seizing each other by their hair. Ghatotkacha then pulled off Alayudha’s head from his body and flung it at Duryodhana.

The demon son of Bheema then used magical weapons to destroy Karna’s chariot and then became invisible. Without getting perturbed, Karna shot arrows in all directions. Ghatotkacha then rained down a shower of swords, maces, javelins, arrows, wheels, and many other weapons. The Kaurava army was massacred and rivers of blood flowed.

Unable to tolerate Ghatotkacha’s terrible attack, the Kuru kings pleaded with Karna to kill Ghatotkacha using the Vasavi Shakti. Unable to defeat Ghatotkacha and worried that the demon would cause more damage, Karna invoked the deadly weapon of Indra. He flung the spear in the air and it raced towards Ghatotkacha, striking him in his heart.

As he fell dead, he used his magical powers one last time and grew in size. He fell on the ground like a mountain collapsing and killed thousands of Kauravas. The Kauravas celebrated the death of their nemesis while Bheema mourned his son’s death.

However, Krishna danced with glee, surprising everyone. He told Arjuna that he was now safe and the Vasavi Shakti could not harm him. Krishna then consoled Bheema. A terribly upset Yudhishtira blew his conch and attacked Karna with his army.

The war continued even in the dark. The two armies were exhausted. Arjuna then asked them to take rest until the moon was in the sky. The Pandavas stopped their attack and the soldiers of the two armies slept and refreshed themselves.

When the night was nearly complete, then the war resumed. The war was fiercer as the two sides were desperate to finish the war. Drona stood in front of the Kaurava army and launched a vicious attack on the Pandava forces, causing the soldiers to shake in fear.

Drona killed three of Drupada’s grandchildren and then crushed the Chedis, Kekeyas, Matsyas, and Srinjayas. Drona showed his prowess and none could face his arrows. Effortlessly, he killed Drupada, bringing an end to their old rivalry. He then dispatched the Matsya king Virata to the world of Yama.

An angry Bheema criticized Dhrishtadyumna for watching silently and launched himself against Drona. The sun rose and its rays marked the arrival of another day, but the war did not stop. The bloody carnage led to innumerable deaths.

Bheema then fought with Karna. When his chariot was destroyed, Bheema climbed on Nakula’s chariot and continued fighting. A fierce battle broke out between Drona and Arjuna. Drona used all his skills and unleashed all his weapons on Arjuna who countered them all.

The two great archers used the Brahmastra against each other. Duryodhana fought with Satyaki and found it difficult to counter him. Karna stepped in to save his friend and broke Satyaki’s bow. An angry Bheema then attacked Karna.

Drona was meanwhile engaged in a large-scale massacre of the Pandava forces targeting the Panchalas and Srinjayas. Seeing him fight, Krishna told Arjuna that to kill Drona, dharma must be abandoned. As per Krishna’s advice, Bheema killed an elephant named Ashwatthama and loudly proclaimed that Ashwatthama has been killed.

…. to be continued