Drona Parva 8 - Fall of Drona

Drona Parva 8 - Fall of Drona

Drona Parva 8 - Fall of Drona

Drona was shocked to hear that his beloved son was dead. But he did not flinch and continued to attack viciously, releasing a Brahmastra killing five hundred Matsyas, six thousand Srinjayas, ten thousand horses, and ten thousand elephants. The seven holy sages, Kashyapa, Vishwamitra, Jamadagni, Bharadvaja, Goutama, Vashishta, and Atri appeared before him.

They criticized him for engaging in adharma and told him that his time in the world of humans was over. Drona then went to Yudhishtira to ask him if his son was really dead. Even though he didn’t like it, Yudhishtira on the advice of Krishna, had to be a part of Krishna’s plan. He loudly told Drona that Ashwatthama was dead, adding the words ‘an elephant’ in a low voice.

Drona was heartbroken and lost his senses. He no longer had the will to live. Dhrishtadyumna then shot a powerful arrow at Drona. But Drona was not ready to give up. He destroyed Dhrishtadyumna’s bow and then his chariot. Picking up a sword, Dhristadyumna launched himself at Drona. But Drona used a powerful arrow and was about to kill Dhristadyumna when Satyaki saved him.

Yudhishtira then ordered his warriors to defend their commander. The battle continued. Bheema then addressed Drona and condemned him for violating his dharma and continuing to fight even though his son was dead.

Drona then decided to give up his weapons and sat down to perform yoga. Dhristadyumna grasped at this opportunity and jumped into Drona’s chariot. Arjuna pleaded with his commander to spare the life of Drona. Intent on completing his mission, Dhristadyumna swung his huge sword and beheaded the commander of the Kaurava forces. The son of Bharadwaja was dead and his soul united with yoga.

Bheema embraced Dhrishtadyumna and celebrated while Arjuna mourned his teacher’s death. The Kauravas led by Duryodhana fled from the battlefield. Then Ashwatthama attacked the Pandavas. He was wild with anger at hearing about how his father was killed by deception.

Arjuna condemned Dhrishtadyumna for doing adharma, and the son of Drupada questioned Arjuna for killing Bheeshma by adharma. Hearing this, Satyaki charged at Dhrishtadyumna, threatening to behead him, but was stopped by Bheema.

Wild with anger, Ashwatthama decided to destroy the entire Pandava army. He invoked the almighty Narayanastra. The entire earth shook, and the oceans were in tumult as the mighty weapon was invoked. The Narayana astra then began to release iron wheels that blazed through the air, slaughtering everyone it encountered.

…. to be continued