Kishkinda Kanda 4 - Hanuman is Reminded of his Strength

Kishkinda Kanda 4 - Hanuman is Reminded of his Strength

Kishkinda Kanda 4 - Hanuman is Reminded of his Strength

Jambavan told Hanuman that he was equal in strength to Rama and Lakshmana. He told Hanuman that his legs had the same strength that Garuda’s wings had. Jambavan then reminded Hanuman of the story of his birth and childhood.

The apsara Punjikasthala was born as the vanara Anjana. The wind God Marut was attracted to Anjana, and fulfilled his desire. He blessed her with a brave son full of intelligence and strength. The child Hanuman who was born was so powerful that he leapt to grab the sun, thinking it was a fruit.

Hanuman had leapt 300 Yojanas high in the sky. Seeing him charge at the sun, Indra flung his vajra. The mighty thunderbolt hit Hanuma, making him fall to the ground. Hanuman’s face was swollen where the vajra had hit him. Vayu was furious seeing his son’s swollen face and stopped the flow of wind.

The Gods then placated Vayu. Brahma then granted Hanuman the boon of being a chiranjeevi, who would die only when he wished for it. After telling him the story of his past, Jambavan asked Hanuman to use his powers and cross the ocean. Having been reminded of his story, Hanuman remembered all his powers.

Jambavan then told Hanuman he was the son of the wind God and could go high in the air just like his father. He urged Hanuman to use his powers and leap across the ocean. Hanuman then assumed a gigantic size even as all the apes cheered. 

Hanuman told the apes that he would follow the sun from its journey from Mount Udaya to Mount Asta. Comparing his strength to that of the mighty Garuda, Hanuman assured the apes that he would cross the ocean, reach Lanka, and find Sita. Hanuman was confident that he could even travel 1000 yojanas.

Jambavan then was delighted and said all the apes would stand on one foot and perform rituals until Hanuman returned.

Hanuman then said he would climb Mount Mahendra and place his foot there. From there, he would leap to Lanka. The mountain shook as Hanuman stepped on it, and animals and birds were agitated. Using his power and controlling his mind, the mighty ape Hanuman leapt in the air, determined to reach Lanka.

End of Kishkinda Kanda