Shanti Parva 7 - Greed is the basis of all evil

Shanti Parva 7 - Greed is the basis of all evil

Shanti Parva 7 - Greed is the basis of all evil

Bheeshma then explained how greed is the basis for evil. Greed causes anger and desire. This leads to mistrust of others and causes a person to become evil. Ignorance is an evil that makes a man commit wicked deeds, causing him to go to hell. One who destroys greed will reach heaven.

Self-control is needed to control greed and desire. Such a person is free from desire, greed, arrogance, and jealousy. The virtuous ones control their senses and carry out austerities to attain heaven. Abstaining from food is the best way to perform austerities. Non-violence, truthfulness, controlling the senses, and doing charity are the ways to perform austerities. A person performing austerities will attain divinity.

Truth is Dharma, and one should be truthful. Impartiality, self-control, lack of malice, forgiveness, wisdom, modesty, patience, absence of jealousy, meditation, and non-violence are all forms of truth. When one weighs one thousand sacrifices on end of the scale with truth at the other end, truth always prevails.

Anger, sorrow, jealousy, desire, being sceptical, laziness, intoxication, greed, intolerance, and pride are the evils to be avoided. The person who commits evil should be avoided.

Bheeshma then answered Nakula's question and told him that the sword was the supreme weapon. It was the weapon used by Rudra to destroy the evil asuras. The sword was given by Shiva to Vishnu, who gave it to the marichas. From there it went to the sages who gave it to Manu. The sword passed on for generations came to Drona and from there to the Pandavas.

Bheeshma then explained the importance of friends, saying one must never injure friends or be ungrateful to them. Affection and gratitude should be shown to friends.

Bheeshma then told the story where a Brahmana advised his son named Medhavi. He told that during the brahmacharya, one must study vedas. Then one must have sons. After this, sacrifices need to be performed and finally one must live as a hermit in the forests.

Bheeshma then explained how a wealthy person is always anxious and loses his senses. He does not find peace until he renounces the world. Renunciation is the only way to enjoy happiness. Wisdom is the foundation for all living beings. Wisdom helped great persons like Bali and Prahlada attain their goals.

Bheeshma then narrated the dialog between the sages Bhrigu and Bharadwaja to explain about creation. Vishnu was the mighty being without beginning and end. He created a lotus, from which came Brahma. First water was created and then came the earth, mountain, and skies.

In the beginning, there was only silence. Then came water, and its movement caused wind. The friction between water and wind resulted in the creation of fire. The interaction between fire, sky, and water caused the liquid to become a solid, and earth was formed. From the earth, various beings were created. Brahma created five elements water, fire, earth, space, and wind.

…. to be continued