Mausala Parva 1 - The Club of Destruction

Mausala Parva 1 - The Club of Destruction

Mausala Parva 1 - The Club of Destruction

Thirty-six years after the end of the Kurukshetra war, there were many bad omens. The Pandavas then learnt that the Yadavas had killed themselves and were shocked to learn of all that had happened.

Once, the Yadavas led by Sarana went to meet the sages Vishwamitra, Kanva, and Narada. With them was Krishna’s son Samba, disguised as a pregnant woman. They told a lie to the sages that Samba was the wife of Babhru and asked the sages to tell how she could give birth.

The angry sages then said that Samba would deliver a mausala or club that would lead to the destruction of the entire Yadava clan. The next day, Samba gave birth to a huge club. They informed the king who ordered that the club should be smashed into pieces and hurled into the ocean. Instructions were given to the citizens not to consume liquor henceforth.

Many evil omens began to be seen. Rats swarmed around, and birds making strange noises were seen. Husbands and wives cheated on each other. Theft increased, as did fights between Yadava men. Women dreamt of a dark lady entering Dwaraka and plundering the city.

Krishna’s chakra vanished, along with his chariot. It was then decided to go to Prabhasa on a pilgrimage. The Yadavas brought lots of liquor and consumed it. Under the influence of drink, they began to fight among themselves.

Satyaki, who was drunk, criticized Kritavarma for supporting Ashwatthama, who killed the sleeping Pandava princes and others. Kritavarma rebuked Satyaki for killing Bhurishravas when he was unarmed. An angry Satyaki pulled out his sword and killed Kritavarma. He proceeded to kill all those with Kritavarma even as Krishna tried to stop him.

The Andhakas and the Bhojas then surrounded Satyaki and began to beat him up with vessels. When Krishna’s son Pradyumna came to Satyaki’s defence, he too was beaten. Soon, both Satyaki and Pradyumna lay dead, beaten to death by their own clan.

An angry Krishna then plucked out Eraka grass, and it turned into a mausala. He used it to slay all the Andhakas, Bhojas, Shinis, and Vrishnis. Seeing him do this, other Yadavas also started to pluck out the Eraka grass that turned into maces. They then proceeded to attack and kill each other.

The grass had grown from the ashes of the mausala delivered by Samba that had been crushed, burnt, and thrown into the sea. Samba, Aniruddha, and many others were killed.

Krishna then left with Daruka and decided to go where Balarama had gone. Krishna then asked Daruka to inform Yudhishtira about all that had happened. He asked Daruka to bring Arjuna to Dwaraka immediately. Krishna then asked Babhru to protect the women, but a mace hurled by a hunter killed Babhru.

Krishna then met his father and asked him to safeguard the women until Arjuna arrived. He then went to see Balarama. He saw a huge thousand-headed serpent emerge from Balarama’s body and move towards the ocean. With the passing away of Balarama, Krishna knew that the time to depart had come.

…. to be continued