Uttara Kanda 3: Ravana's Marriage And War Against Kubera

Uttara Kanda 3: Ravana's Marriage And War Against Kubera

Uttara Kanda 3: Ravana's Marriage And War Against Kubera

Sumali then went to meet Dashagriva along with his advisers Maricha, Prahasta, Mahodara, and Virupaksha. He told Ravana how the rakshasas were hiding in Rasatala in fear of Vishnu. Sumali told Ravana to take Lanka from Kubera using whatever means possible.


Ravana then sent Prahasta to Kubera to use ‘sama’ to try and convince Kubera to hand over Lanka. After hearing Prahasta’s message, Kubera went to consult his father, Vishrava. The sage told Kubera that Dashagriva was an evil man. Vishrava advised Kubera to hand over Lanka and construct a new abode in Kailasa near the river Mandakini.


Kubera followed his father’s advice and left Lanka with its citizens. Prahasta reported this to Dashagriva who entered the city triumphantly. Ravana then arranged the marriage of his sister Surpanakha with Vidyujjihva, who belonged to the Kalakeya lineage.


One day, when Dashagriva was traveling, he met the asura Maya in the forest with his daughter. Maya told him that he had a city of gold constructed for his wife, the apsara Hema. After Hema left him, he was dejected and was roaming in the forest. When Maya found out who Dashagriva was, he offered the hand of his daughter Mandodari.


Dashagriva then married Mandodari and was gifted a spear by Maya. While narrating the story, sage Agastya reminded Rama that it was the same spear Ravana had used against Lakshmana. After his marriage, Dashagriva got Kumbhakarna married to Virochana’s granddaughter Vajravala.


Vibhishana was married to Sarama, the daughter of the Gandharva king Sailusha. In due course, Mandodari gave birth to a son named Meghanad who later was known as Indrajit. Meanwhile, Kumbhakarna was afflicted by sleep. Dashagriva had a palace constructed for him, and Kumbhakarna slept there for years together.


Dashagriva continued his evil ways and harassed the Gods, sages, and other celestial beings. Kubera then sent a messenger to Dashagriva to advise him to change his ways. Kubera’s messenger then conveyed the message that Kubera had observed Dashagriva’s crimes and advised him to follow dharma.


The messenger narrated how Kubera’s left eye was burnt by the Goddess Uma. Kubera had then performed penance for years before Shiva appeared. Shiva was pleased with Kubera and accepted him as his friend. The messenger then told Dashagriva to give up his evil ways or he would be killed by the Gods.


An angry Dashagriva then announced that he would kill all four guardians of the world. He then beheaded the messenger, and set out on a campaign to conquer the three worlds. Dashagriva then reached Kailasa and attacked Kubera’s kingdom with his army. He massacred the yakshas who stayed there.


Dashagriva and his troops defeated the yakshasa, making them flee. Kubera then came there with a club in his hand. He told Dashagriva he would end up in hell for his vile acts. Using his club, he struck Dashagriva’s advisers, making them run away. A great battle then took place between Dashagriva and Kubera.


Kubera released the Agneyastra, but Dashagriva countered it with the Varunastra. Dashagriva then hit Kubera on his head with a club, and the lord of treasures collapsed. The rakshasas then took away all of Kubera’s treasures and riches. Dashagriva also seized the Pushpaka vimana and left from Kubera’s abode.


As he was returning, Dashagriva tried to cross Kailasa, but something was blocking the progress of the Pushpaka vimana. Dashagriva then saw Nandi, who told him that no one could cross the mountain on which Shankara resided. Ravana and his advisers laughed at Nandi’s odd form. An angry Nandi cursed Dashagriva that the vanaras, who looked odd, would be the cause of Dashagriva’s destruction.


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