Was Ravana a great scholar?

Was Ravana a great scholar?

Was Ravana a great scholar?

We often come across this argument from various people that Ravana was a great scholar. Did he study vedic texts? Very much likely, considering his father and grandfather were great Rishis. But he certainly failed to demonstrate any wisdom in his actions. Can someone who failed to convert all his knowledge into practical wisdom be called a scholar?

Following are some of his actions as mentioned in Shri Valmiki Ramayana:

1. When he asked for the boon from Brahmadev, in his immense wisdom he assumed that no human can ever be capable of killing him, thus excluding them from the boon. Any guesses how wise this exclusion proved for him in the end?

2. After receiving the boon he went on a spree to collect curses. (How wise?) - Cursed by Brahma, Nalakubara, Vedavati; all because of his uncontrollable lust. - Cursed by Nandi and Aranyaka because of his arrogance.  
(Which Mahadeva Bhakta mocks Nandishwara, btw?)

3. In the heat of the battle he could not even recognize his own brother-in-law and ended up killing him, thus sending his sister in a downward spiral of grief.  
(His solution to Shurpanaka. Why don't you take your cousins with you and live in Dandaka.)

4. Then in another act of wisdom he confronted Kartavirya Arjuna and ended up getting captured. His grandfather Pulastya rishi had to visit Mahishmati to negotiate his release.  
(Very wise indeed.)

5. Still not learning any lessons, he decided to confront Vali, who ended up capturing him and humiliating him. He could only get himself released by agreeing to a peace treaty.  
(Not learning from his mistakes is certainly not a sign of the wise)

6. Despite collecting so many curses in the past due to his lust he again succumbed to it and kidnapped Sita mata.  
(Have you ever met a scholar who repeatedly fails to learn from his/her mistakes?)

7. He ignored the advice of all his well wishers including his brothers and spies and forced his entire clan into a battle which ended up destroying his entire clan. Well almost, if it wasn't for Vibhishana. Vibhishana literally saved Lanka from his brother.

Please feel free to add more.  

And please, please, please do not say that he composed Shiva Tandava Strotram unless you have some authentic source verifying that. Without any verified claim, we could say it was written by Marakandeya, a verified composer of other great works. Even if he did compose it, that would mean that he had a good understanding of rhyme and rhythm.

By the way there is no incident in Shri Valmiki Ramayan where Lakshmana visited a dying Ravan to learn from him. As per Ramayan, Ravan's heart exploded and he died on the spot the moment Shriram hit him with Brahmastra.

We are planning to launch a series focused on Lanka before Ramayan. In this series we will focus on events around Ravan before he kidnapped Sita Mata.