Yuddha Kanda 11 - Lakshmana Revived

Yuddha Kanda 11 - Lakshmana Revived

Yuddha Kanda 11 - Lakshmana Revived

Lakshmana was struck by Ravana’s spear, and he fell to the ground. Rama pulled out the spear even as Ravana kept striking him with arrows. Asking Hanuman to guard Lakshmana, Rama prepared for the final battle with the King of Lanka. He showered iron arrows at Ravana, who responded by shooting arrows of his own.


Rama’s shower of arrows was so intense that Ravana was forced to flee from the battle. Rama then asked Sushena to heal Lakshmana. Sushena assured Rama that Lakshmana was not dead and could be revived using the Sanjivani, Souvarnakarnai, and Sandhanakarani herbs. Hearing Sushena’s words, Hanuman quickly left for the mountains to get the herbs.


As he reached the mountain, Hanuman realised he could not identify the herbs. Hanuman decided to take the entire mountain back. Using all his might, Hanuman uprooted the mountain and carrying it in his hand, returned to the battlefield. Sushena then identified the herbs and used them to revive Lakshmana.


Rama was delighted to see Lakshmana wake up. He embraced Lakshmana and told him that his life would have lost its purpose without Lakshmana. Lakshmana urged his brother to quickly kill Ravana. Rama then resumed the battle, striking Ravana with arrows. The rakshasa king used his powers and took the chariot to the sky.


It was an unfair battle with Rama on the ground and Ravana in the air. Indra sent his chariot with his charioteer Matali bringing the celestial chariot before Rama. Matali asked Rama to get into the chariot that belonged to Indra and fight Ravana. Rama bowed before the chariot and climbed into it.


Matali expertly steered the chariot in the air and took it towards Ravana. The two warriors then shot arrows at each other. Ravana shot an arrow that released serpents. Rama countered the arrow with his own weapon, which released eagles that swallowed all the serpents. All the Gods and celestial beings assembled in the sky to witness the epic battle between Rama and Ravana.


Ravana picked up a powerful spear that emitted flames and threw it at Rama. Without getting perturbed, Rama shot arrows but the spear destroyed the arrows. Rama then picked up a spear belonging to Indra and threw it. The mighty spear destroyed Ravana’s spear. Rama then shot arrows, striking Ravana on his forehead and chest.


Bleeding all over, Ravana shot thousands of arrows at Rama. The shower of arrows was so dense that it became dark. Rama then told Ravana that he had shamelessly abducted Sita like a thief, and it was now time for him to be punished for his vile act. Rama shot arrows one after the other, even as the apes hurled boulders at Ravana.


The attack was so fierce that Ravana’s charioteer retreated. Ravana was angry with the charioteer and asked him why he was fleeing. The charioteer told Ravana that he did it out of affection for Ravana who was exhausted in the battle. Ravana ordered his charioteer to return, and the battle resumed. There are many ominous portents like the fall of meteors and the shrieking of sarika birds.


Rama’s arrows breached Ravana’s defence and struck his standard. The standard with the flag fell to the ground. Ravana used his powers of Maya, and created a shower of rocks, trees, axes, and spears. Thousands of weapons came racing at Rama even as Ravana laughed. Rama retaliated by destroying all the weapons that Ravana had hurled. Both the great warriors were injured but they did not stop their battle. Ravana struck Matali with arrows making Rama angry.


Rama used a kshura arrow and released it at great speed. The arrow raced through the air and struck Ravana on the neck. Ravana’s held fell to the ground. Even as everyone looked on, another head grew. Rama cut off the head, but yet another sprouted. Rama was surprised and wondered why his arrows were not able to kill Ravana.


…. to be continued