Yuddha Kanda 10 - Ravana's Spear

Yuddha Kanda 10 - Ravana's Spear

Yuddha Kanda 10 - Ravana's Spear

Ravana then told his remaining advisors that he would fight with Rama and kill him. The ten-headed Lord of Lanka vowed to avenge the death of Kumbhakarna and Indrajit. Mahaparshva then rallied his forces and they set out for war. The battle was bloody, with many casualties as the apes and rakshasas clashed.


Sugriva fought with the rakshasa Virupaksha. Avoiding the boulder that Sugriva hurled at him, Virupaksha hit Sugriva with his sword. Sugriva then struck Virupaksha hard on his forehead with his open palm. The blow was so terrible that Virupaksha fell dead, vomiting blood. Ravana then sent Mahodara to attack Sugriva.


Seeing Mahodara come at him, Sugriva flung a massive boulder. The rakshasa destroyed it with his arrows. Sugriva then threw a huge tree, but Mahodara stopped it with his arrows. Picking up a club lying on the ground, Sugriva killed the horses of Mahodara’s chariot. Both the warriors then fought using clubs.


Their maces destroyed, they fought with their bare fists. They picked up swords lying on the ground and clashed. Mahodara struck hard, but Sugriva picked up a shield and blocked Mahodara’s attack. The rakshasa’s sword was stuck in the shield. Sugriva moved quickly and swinging his sword, cut off Mahodara’s head.


Mahaparshva then attacked Angada’s army, shooting arrows in all directions. His arrows ravaged the ape army, killing and maiming thousands of apes. Angada rushed at Mahaparshva and hit him on his head with an iron club. Jambavan killed his horses and destroyed his chariot.


Quickly regaining his senses, Mahaparshva showered arrows on Jambavan and the bear army. Angada threw a huge club at Mahaparshva. The club destroyed the rakshasa’s bow and arrows. Angada struck him on the head with his palm. The mighty blow hurt, and the rakshasa attacked Angada with an axe.


Even though his shoulder was hurt, Angada clenched his fists. Using all his power, he struck Mahaparshva on his chest. The rakshasa’s heart was crushed ,and he fell dead. A furious Ravana then charged at the ape army. His attack was so terrible that hundreds of the ape army divisions were slaughtered in no time.


Rama and Lakshmana then confronted Ravana, shooting arrows at him. Destroying Lakshmana’s arrows easily, Ravana turned his attention to Rama. He released a volley of arrows, but Rama countered them all. The fight was so severe that it seemed as though Rudra and Yama were clashing.


Rama was struck on the head by Ravana’s arrows. He did not flinch and invoked the Roudrastra. Because of Ravana’s boons, the weapon of Rudra could not harm him. Ravana released the asura astra. Using Pavakastra, Rama countered Ravana’s powerful weapon. Ravana used a weapon designed by Maya. The weapon created a shower of axes, clubs, and spears.


Rama responded with the Sourastra, which destroyed the weapons of Ravana. Ravana shot ten arrows at great speed, and they struck Rama on his body. Even though Rama was hit, he continued fighting with his arrows striking Ravana. An angry Lakshmana then used his arrows to bring down Ravana’s flag, which had the image of a man on it.


Lakshmana’s arrows then destroyed Ravana’s bow and killed his charioteer. Vibhishana killed Ravana’s horses. Ravana jumped from his chariot. He picked up a huge spear and threw it at Vibhishana. Lakshmana intervened and destroyed the spear using his arrows. A furious Ravana then threw a powerful spear at Lakshmana. The spear blazed in the air and struck Lakshmana on his chest.


…. to be continued