Yuddha Kanda 13 - Shriram and Devi Sita Reunion

Yuddha Kanda 13 - Shriram and Devi Sita Reunion

Yuddha Kanda 13 - Shriram and Devi Sita Reunion

The moment Sita entered the fire, Indra, Kubera, Yama, Yama, Shiva, and Brahma arrived in their celestial vehicles. Rama bowed to the Gods, and they addressed him. The Gods questioned Rama why he was ignoring Sita like an ordinary human. Rama asked the Gods who he was since he thought he was a human.


Brahma then revealed the truth that Rama was none other than Vishnu, the sustainer of the three worlds. No sooner had Brahma spoken these words, than Agni came out of the fire carrying Sita in his arms. He handed over Sita to Rama and said that she was sinless and had always followed good conduct. Agni told Rama that Sita was pure in mind and her mind was devoted to Rama.


Agni commanded Rama to accept Sita. Rama bowed to Agni and said that he always knew Sita was pure. But he wanted her to be purified so that the world knew the truth. Rama declared that just as no one could separate the sun from its radiance, no one could separate Sita from him. He then happily accepted Sita.


Mahadeva congratulated Rama for dispelling the darkness that Ravana had created in the three worlds. He told Rama to go to Ayodhya, meet his family, and take over the throne. Shiva asked Rama to donate riches and perform the horse sacrifice. Shiva then announced that Dasharatha had come to the world of humans to meet Rama.


Dasharatha embraced his beloved son and made him sit on his lap. He told his son that his mother Kausalya would be delighted to see Rama return from the forest. Dasharatha blessed his son to rule the kingdom for long, and live happily with his brothers. Rama accepted his father’s blessings and requested him to forgive Kaikeyi and Bharata.


Dasharatha blessed Lakshmana and told him to serve his brother and Sita with devotion. Addressing Sita, Dasharatha asked her not to be angry with Rama as he had wanted that Sita should be purified before the world. Dasharatha then departed in his celestial vehicle and went to Indra’s kingdom.


Indra said he was pleased with what Rama had achieved and said he would grant any boon that Rama wanted. Rama asked that all the dead apes be brought back to life, so they could reunite with their families. He also asked that the ape and bears be able to eat fruits in any season.


Indra granted Rama’s boon and said the apes would wake up as though from sleep. He also said the river would be full of water and trees always laden with fruit for the apes to enjoy. The Gods then left, and everyone spent the night in camps that been set up for them.


The next day, Rama told Vibhishana he wanted to return to Ayodhya. Vibhishana said that Rama could return quickly using the Pushpaka Vimana. After worshipping Rama, Vibhishana got into the golden vehicle of Kubera. Rama asked Vibhishana to reward all the apes with gold and jewels.


Sugriva and his army were proceeding to Kishkinda as per Rama’s instructions. Sugriva requested Rama to take them with him. All of them, including Vibhishana got into the Pushpaka Vimana and they left for Ayodhya.


As they travelled in the air, Rama showed Sita an aerial view of Lanka and the battlefield. He described all that had happened in the war. The vimana then reached Ayodhya. Rama first went to the ashrama of sage Bharadvaja and enquired what Bharata was doing. The great sage told him that Bharata was waiting for Rama with Rama’s sandals in front of him. He praised Rama for his valorous deed.


Rama asked the sage to make all the trees on the way to overflow with honey and fruits for the apes to enjoy. Having taken the sage’s blessings, Rama prepared to leave for Ayodhya. He first asked Hanuman to go and find out all that was happening.


… to be continued