Yuddha Kanda 14 - Return of the King

Yuddha Kanda 14 - Return of the King

Yuddha Kanda 14 - Return of the King

Hanuman then went to Nandigrama, met Bharata, and told him Rama had returned after killing Ravana. Bharata was so filled with joy that he swooned. He regained his senses and embraced Hanuman. Bharata offered Hanuman hundred thousand cows, hundred villages, and sixteen maidens. He then asked Hanuman to explain how Rama met the apes.


Hanuman narrated all that happened after Rama entered the forests. He described Rama’s encounter with the rakshasas Viradha and Kabandha. He described how Ravana took away Sita to Lanka and how Rama searched for her. Hanuman narrated how Rama killed Vali and made Sugreeva the king of Kishkinda.


Hanuman then explained how he went to Lanka and met Sita. He described the war and how Rama killed Ravana. Bharata asked Shatrugna to make all arrangements to welcome Rama. He then left to welcome Rama in a convoy along with Kausalya and others. The Pushpaka vimana arrived and Rama descended.


Bharata greeted Rama and everyone else. Rama embraced Bharata. Rama then met his mother and took her blessings. He also took the blessings of Sumitra and Kaikeyi. Bharata then took Rama’s sandals in his hands and made Rama wear them. He requested Rama to take over the kingdom and explained how he had ensured the treasury and grains had increased tenfold.


Now that they had arrived, Rama bowed to the Pushpaka Vimana and sent it back to its original owner Kubera. He went to meet Vasishta and took his blessings. Dasharatha’s wives welcomed Sita and took care of her.


Rama was then dressed up and prepared for the coronation. He sat in a chariot driven by Sumantra with the priest at the forefront. Bharata took the reins of the chariot while Shatrugna held the umbrella. Lakshmana fanned Rama along with Vibhishana and Sugriva. Rama thus entered Ayodhya, and the people welcomed him.


The coronation of Rama took place as prescribed in the scriptures. Rama sat on the throne that was decked with gems. Shatrughna held the umbrella. Sugriva and Vibhishana fanned him. Vayu then arrived and gave a lotus garland with a necklace. The celestial beings arrived and blessed Rama. Sita then removed her necklace and gave it to Hanuman.


All the apes were rewarded with ornaments and garments. Sugriva returned to Kishkinda with the apes and bears. Vibhishana returned to Lanka. Hanuman decided to stay with Rama and serve him for the rest of his life. Rama asked Lakshmana to be the heir apparent, but Lakshmana refused.


Rama made Bharata the heir apparent. Rama ruled Ayodhya wisely following the principles of dharma. He performed the Ashwamedha, Poundrika, and Vajapeya sacrifices. He ruled the earth, and dharma prevailed on earth as long as Rama ruled. There was no violence and no disease in the kingdom of Rama.


Trees always had flowers and fruits. Rains came on time, and all the people did their duties and were happy. Rama ruled his kingdom for ten thousand years.


End of Yuddha Kanda