Yuddha Kanda 9 - The End of Indrajit

Yuddha Kanda 9 - The End of Indrajit

Yuddha Kanda 9 - The End of Indrajit

Vibhishana accompanied Lakshmana and told him to destroy Indrajit’s army. A fierce battle then took place with Lakshmana showering arrows. The apes and bears threw trees and rocks. Soon, the rakshasas began to be slaughtered, and panic set in. Hearing the commotion, an angry Indrajit stopped his sacrifice and came out.


He climbed on to his chariot and entered the fray. Seeing him, the rakshasas returned. and the battle continued. Hanuman launched a fierce attack and massacred the rakshasas using his bare hands. Indrajit attacked Hanuman, showering arrows, spears, axes, and swords at him. Hanuman did not flinch and challenged Indrajit to a fight using bare arms.


Vibhishana then advised Lakshmana to take on Indrajit and kill him. Lakshmana then challenged Indrajit to a duel. Indrajit saw Vibhishana and condemned him for leaving his brother and joining Rama. Vibhishana then reminded Indrajit that what Ravana had done was adharma, and because of it Lanka would be destroyed.


A furious Indrajit began to shoot arrows and Lakshmana responded aggressively. Both the warriors were equal in strength and the battle was fierce. Indrajit shot arrows in all directions and struck Lakshmana, Hanuman, and Vibhishana. Lakshmana did not flinch and responded strongly.


The fight was so fierce that Indrajit’s armour, was shattered. Both the warriors were injured after being struck by each other’s arrows. They continued to fight with neither of them willing to give up. Vibhishana then joined the battle and exhorted Hanuman to destroy the rakshasa army. Indrajit then attacked Vibhishana.


The battle became so intense that celestial beings arrived to watch it. Lakshmana took careful aim, killed Indrajit’s horses and beheaded his charioteer. The apes cheered in joy. Indrajit did not stop and continued to shower arrows. Indrajit struck Vibhishana with his arrows. Lakshmana and Indrajit both used Kubera’s arrows, but the arrows struck each other and were destroyed.


Lakshmana shot the Varuna astra, and Indrajit used the Roudra. Lakshmana then released the powerful Aindrastra of Indra. The arrow blazed through the air and breached Indrajit’s defence. The aindra weapon struck Indrajit on his neck and sent his head flying in the air. Indrajit fell dead even as everyone celebrated. The remaining rakshasas fled for their lives.


Lakshmana returned to meet Rama and joyfully informed him of Indrajit’s death. Rama embraced Lakshmana and expressed his happiness. Sushena then treated all those who were injured, including Lakshmana.


Ravana was aghast learning of his son’s death and fell unconscious. He grieved deeply and was wild with anger. His anger made him lose control of his senses, and he decided to kill Sita. Taking out his sword, he proceeded towards Ashokavana. Just as Ravana was about to kill Sita, his advisor Suparshva intervened.


The advisor told Ravana it was wrong to kill a woman. He advised the Lanka king to channelize all his anger against Rama and kill him on the battlefield, so Sita would be his. Ravana agreed to this view and returned to his palace. He asked his army to launch a terrible attack on Rama. If they failed, he promised to kill Rama with his own hands.


The next day, a terrible battle raged, with the rakshasas launching a ferocious attack. Rama then used the Gandharvastra. The celestial weapon made it appear as though there were many Rama’s on the battlefield. The rakshasas saw Rama everywhere and attacked in all directions. They ended up killing each other.


Using his powerful weapons, Rama destroyed the rakshasa army. The people of Lanka were stunned and condemned Surpanakha for desiring Rama. They criticised their king Ravana for abducting Sita. They all feared death from the terrible arrows of Rama.


…. to be continued